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Constant anxiety attacks? Prolonged symptoms? Need help with diagnosis!

I don't think I've ever been so worried about my health so much as I am now. Currently typing with some slight blurry vision and a constant alertness that won't go away. I've been having some really strange anxiety problems (or so it seems) with my brain. About two nights ago I had a panic attack that woke me out of sleep. It started with a slight burning sensation in my chest which was followed up by a rapid heartbeat and rapid breathing. Since I've only had a panic attack once I thought it was a heart attack. Had my father take me straight to the hospital. The symptoms progressively got worse on the way there, my arms went from tingling to numb. They told me it was just a panic attack and I should follow up with my doctor for further testing.

Now, last night I had the hardest time getting to sleep. I felt the sensation throughout my body again and I told myself to relax and ignore it. My brain didn't like that idea and decided to send me a somewhat...I guess I'll say "shocking?" sensation throughout my body preventing me from drifting off into sleep. It would do this every-single-time I would relax myself enough to go to sleep. Finally I took two Tylenol (acetaminophe) and it managed to shut me down enough to where I could sleep. It was a pretty uncomfortable sleep I might add, I woke up around 7 for work and ended up calling off because the sensation is still there currently. I now feel a warmness in my up shoulders and head. My body feels strung out and nervous. Though my heartbeat is fine and there is no more tingling sensation throughout my body.

I'm 20 years old and I'm really scared about what's happening to me. I'm worried it could be something catastrophic or life threatening/altering.
Now mind you I have some idea as to what might be causing this. I am an idiotic rebellious boy and have done substances in the past. However, I have done so in a manner that I'm sure it won't effect me long term. I don't have drug problems and have never had this before but I will mention several things I've done recently that I believe could be the culprit.

1.Too much THC. I have never smoked weed in my life and I ended up trying it with my friends for the first time a couple weeks ago. I ended up smoking too much and had my FIRST panic attack. I managed to calm down and go to sleep. I have not had any problems whatsoever until now.

2. Caffiene pills. This is recent, I've been taking half of a caffiene pill every day and I truly think this could be the source of my problem. Not sure I'm assuming. I've taken them and haven't had a problem until after a while.

3. this is far fetched for me and I pray this has nothing to do with it...BUT. At the beginning of my summer I ended up doing adderall. (yes I know shame on me) and no problems, it worked like it always does. However......I am worried this might have a connection.

Never used this site before but I really appreciate any help I can get, I will be seeing the doctor. But before then I want to get another opinion because I'm worried to tell him I've done unprescribed medication.
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We can't give you a diagnosis because we're not Drs. But, we can try our best to help and support you.
Yes, it does sound to me like you were having a very severe panic attack when you went to the hospital. I'm take it they did testing on your heart and all was well with it? I see that you're only 20 so the odds of you having a heart attack are almost non existent.
THC can cause panic attacks in some people. It sounds pretty strange because it really calms most people down. Some, it can do just the opposite though.
You already know that you need to stop the THC, caffeine and Adderall.Any of these can cause panic attacks and anxiety.
What you may be going through is worrying about having another panic attack. It can become a vicious cycle. You have your first one and worry so much about having another one that it happens.
I would highly recommend seeing your Dr for the follow up tests and if everything comes back fine then think about therapy. It will help you learn how to deal with your anxiety and learn techniques that will help if you feel a panic attack coming on.
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It's a good thing to learn about all this while you're only 20 - and it's good to see that you can pick out certain lifestyle "indicators" that could contribute to what you're going through.

I'm not a DR, but from my own experiences, it can be difficult to differentiate between panic attacks, anxiety attacks and low blood sugar. All of these things should be looked at.

Also learn about seizure thresholds - things that "lower" a seizure threshold means, in short, it's easier to have a seizure. Alcohol withdrawal, excess caffeine, THC for some people, and a variety of medications can lower seizure threshold....  

Warning signs for seizures...  fear/panic, tingling, strange feelings, etc..

So, no need to panic, just back off the questionable stuff you don't have to take and learn about the way your body works. Better to know ahead of time than be caught thinking "oops, I wish I had known...."
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