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Coping with Anxiety attacks

Hello all.

The other day I posted about being worried about a friend, just to let you know that was about him and not me, but this post is about me.
A couple months ago I was diagnosed with clinical depression, I'm now not sure if I suffer from depression or Anxiety. Is it possible to suffer from both??

I think I get Anxiety attacks, these are my symptoms:
Say I'm in sitting down with some friends and chatting away confidently, then suddenly my concentration will go completely, I'd sometimes battle with my emotions and try not to cry. I get hot rushes and compulsive behaviour (such as rubbing hands together).  I'd also find my breathing rate increase, not massively, but it's at a faster rate then normal. I hear that your heart feels like it should explode, but mine doesn't. These attacks come in phases, I'd have one for 2 mins, then I'd start to feel fine, then it will come back again, this pattern repeats several times.

Also I've been getting symptoms that I've heard are relavent to anxiety disorder. When I take deep breaths I don't get that "streaching" feeling if you know what I mean. Sometimes it feels as if I'm stuck under water or something as I get really frustrated with trying to take a deep breath, I'll take several unsuccessful deap breahtes and then stop as it starts to really hurt.

Now this next symptom I'm not sure about, but I've been getting a weird tingling sensation around my heart area. It feels like something is vibrating really fast just under my skin.  

Now my main question is, how do I cope with these attacks? They are really starting to block me doing daily activites. Is there anything I can take? Like I've heard "weed" can help, but I'm not very keen on drugs. I do have phases of large alcohol consumption. I sometimes go with 4-5 glasses of wine a day, then stop because I realise it's getting really expensive.

Also, is it possible to have depression at the same time as Anxiety? If not, I'm sure I have one of them.


- John -
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Hi! It sounds as though you very possibly have anxiety also - your symptoms sound very similar to mine, although I seem to get these weird sensations around my head area. I'm always getting so scared about getting a brain tumour etc... and when I get a headache etc... I literally feel sick with worry.  I do feel a bit better talking with someone else though, but I'm still having these contant anxiety feelings and worries about EVERY sensation I feel in my body.  I can also relate when you say about the sweating etc.. as I get exactly the same, even if I am just sitting at home watching tv.
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Yeah I know what you mean, I constantly worry about something bad is happening to me, like when I first had these weird heart-tingling sensations, i thought i was dying.

With the tingling sensation in your head. Is it a pulling/stabbing/throbbing pain behind your eye. I get that, it's a migraine I get allot of these quite frequently.

Also I get muscle spasms in my upper leg and eye lashes. I think it's to do with Anxiety, because my eye sight is very sharp and (without meaning to bost) I have better eye sight then allot of my friends.


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Yeah, well, I would say that it's more like sort of stabbing pains in my temples - sometimes though they only last a few seconds but I just feel so paranoid!

Well, I know what you mean about the spasms too as for about 2 weeks constantly, I was getting muscle spasms which seemed to be in my eyelid!!  I just wish I could shake off these feelings but it isn't as easy as that - I've been taking beta-blockers and am due to go back to my GP this Friday for a follow-up so I really am hoping that I get something else to take as I actually dread getting up in the mornings as I never know how I'm going to feel that day!
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I know what you mean by the eyelid spasms, have you seen it in the mirror? Every time I try to look at it, it seems to stop, then i sitt down again and it starts again!!! It's really frustrating.
I know what you mean by you wish you could just shake it off, I constantly rub my eye or even hit it if I get that frustrated, same goes for my legg.

I also know what you mean by:
"I actually dread getting up in the mornings as I never know how I'm going to feel that day!"

Everynight I toss and turn in my sleep just waiting for some kind of sleep, but I can't as I worry or panic about things for hours. Then I dread the next day because I know It's going to be the same old ruetine, get up really early and feel really tired and about dead, then I spend the day panicking and worrying about everthing that goes on.

Say I'm with friends, suddenly I feel I'm on my own and everything around me seems like a threat, for no reason at all, if someone starts laughing next to me i kinda lean away from reflex, it's a weird sight lol.

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Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand.  In my opinion, you should go see your primary care physician and explain your symptoms.  They can often refer you to a good mental healthcare professional.  I really do not suggest using any illegal drugs when suffering from this; quite often it will only exacerbate the situation.   Going to talk to a therapist can only help, in my experience.  They can also prescribe legal meds to help you if you so desire...keep us posted!
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Hey john! I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and i think it is often accompanied by depression as well. I do have those days of no motivation and saddness. You definately need to see you doctor about this because it will most likely continue to get owrse...mine did. I just started on a VERY low dose of prozac and it seems to really be hepling my mood and anxiety. I am very happy with the results so far. Your doctor will be able to prescribe you will whatever they feel is right for YOU. Definately no weed! It actually makes the heart rate increase and can trigger anxiety. Also, alcohol is one of the major triggers of anxiety ( caffiene too). Definatey stay away from it until you get treatment and then maybe alcohol in moderation can be apart of your life much further down the road. Wine especially triggers mine...to the point that i have had an attack after drinking it. Make sure you see your doctor asap!!!

Best of luck to you!

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I have been to a doctor actually, and I'm on a waiting list to see either a psycologist or psyciatrist, I forgot what one she said lol. But I'm going on the 30th of this month so I'll up date you then.

With the meds, I was offered some, but my mum refused to let me have them because my dad takes them (depression and anxiety runs in the family) and she claimes he gets "high" off them. And as I said I'm not too keen on drugs, I think the "high" symptoms would scare me to be honest.

"Also, alcohol is one of the major triggers of anxiety ( caffiene too). "

^^ Wow, I didn't know caffiene can contrabute to anxiety, but you see I am a typical brit, I drink tea to a whole new level, I have atleast 5-8 cups a day, depending if I go out or not.

I knew Alcohol would be no help either, that's why I've posted in the alcohol forum.

I've also got counsilling, in my college I see her, but I've totally lost trust in her after she rang my parents saying that I was suicidal... It was a total miss-understanding, but my mum was really really really upset and very concerened.

The thing is, other then the alcohol and tea, I'm not too sure what gave me the anxiety. I've got a really bad relationship with my dad, and we argue allot, one time he even threw a chair at me. I also think my social life could be another cause, I worry all the time, I think my friends hate me, even though it's most likely they don't.

I think they're fed up of me and don't really like being around me, yet I have no reason to think that.
Do you think that is a result, or contrabuter?

Thanks allot

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Our minds are always messing with us! Now that i think back ...ive always worried about EVERYTHING. I was thinking all of the same things you are. It's just apart of the anxiety. I think medication might help..you never know. They definately dont make you "high"   (SSRI's) Maybe your mom is reffering to things like xanax or valium that are used for anxiety..they will do that :/
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