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Coughing from klonopin

After 15 years of dealing with panic/anxiety disorder I finally broke down and accepted medication. I was prescribed paxil and klonopin. I was told that the klonopin was basically to be used as needed until the paxil takes effect. Anyways I ended up taking 0.5mg once a day two days in a row. On the third day I had developed a slight cough, it ended up being a more traumatic day and I took two klonopins that day (but not at once.) Now today, the fourth day, my cough has become severe and I have also developed a sore throat. Thankfully I haven't felt the need to use it today, so I am hoping to discontinue using it and then I can be sure it's the klonopin and not the paxil that's causing the cough. But what my question really is, is that presuming I do need to use it (because it is so effective at calming my symptoms), is it likely that the coughing will go away eventually, that is are side effects like this usually temporary, or if it makes me cough now then I am just doomed to cough everytime I use it.
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Coughing is a side effect of Klonopin, and it won't go away so long as you take it.  You should call your prescribing doctor and let him know about this.  It's hard to say that since you have a sore throat as well, that it may just be an infection of some sort.  But then you have to wonder if your throat is sore due to your coughing?  There are other medications just as effective for you to take during this time.  Contact your doctor, and go from there.  Take care!
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I'm not sure where you're from, but flu shots are now being given out and you can even get them at CVS and Walgreens. I really doubt that it is an allergic reaction, but it's best to call your doctor and let him decide. Good luck!
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