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Could anxiety be making symptoms worse or could there be something really be wrong with me?

Hi, I'm a 20 year old female and lately I've been freaking out in my mind for a little over 2 weeks... You see, I started experiencing some tingling, slight pain, and muscle twitching on and off in my neck, chest, left arm and shoulder.I Also, at night laying down in bed, I'd become weak feeling and sometimes dizzy, which frightened me, and when I went to the doctor a little over a week ago, they said it was a pinched nerve in my neck and that it will go away on it's own. A couple of days after that, I started feeling depressed because I couldn't sleep in bed with my hubby, clean, or exercise without feeling discomfort, and I started getting more irritated and worried that there might be something more serious wrong with me, such as meningitis, and every day after that I kept looking up possibilities about whether or not my symptoms were normal or not. I even have been checking my temperature a lot to make sure I'm not running a fever and bending my neck down toward my chest every now and then to make sure my neck isn't severely stiff. Since then too, my symptoms seem to be spreading to the right side of my body and through other parts, too like today, I felt a slight pain in the back of my hips and tingling in my legs and on the left side of my face (more toward the neck and ear), and my left eye has been twitching almost every time it's touched. Also, there now is also a hive on my right shoulder. Oh, and also, I've been going to bed really late and tensing up because I'm always thinking about it.... So could all of this stress and worrying be making my symptoms worse and making new ones pop up?
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sure it could.anxiety automatically causes muscles to contract. though there is a possiblity that there is more going on. worrying about it won't change anything. you are doing the right thing by tracking your symptoms. write everything down so you can have the info available when you see your doc. but dont try to diagnoses yourself on a daily basis. you will probably end up diagnosising yourself with a slew of different diseases and disorders. stress also causes our body to have symptoms that arent really there. i say calm down a bit and try to live life as normally as possible. good luck to you.
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I honestly just think you are too focused. Sounds like your in a state where you will notice every symptom in your body and be alarmed by it- truth is, almost everyone has SOMETHING in there body causing them at least a minor pain. . . So minor they dont really notice it. Could be a lower back issue. Sore throat from all the smoke and millions of things.
But since your always so aware, you will notice it as soon as it pops up-

I kinda have learned to not pay to much attention to such things.
I got ganglion cysts on both wrist, most likely from hobbies (guitar, drawing and computers)- So I always feel a minor to larger pain in my wrist.
My neck is often stiff in the left side and runs down to the left shoulder-blade and out to the left arm.-
Its been that way now for about 2 years. . . .And all I can say, Is that im used to it now. I know that Im gonna feel some pain in those area so no need to worry about it.

But I get its hard. Believe me I do.  You can get so focused on things, you start imagining all kinds of things that could be wrong. And when more things "pop" up, you just feel that more convinced.

Id make sure to have the docs check what they can check.
See what therapeutic help there could be-
And try to just say - "f*** it - Might hurt a bit... But part of me at the moment"-
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