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Could this be anxiety(hypochondriasis) or MS?

I'm 19, and I've always been a nervous person. As a child, I worried about everything. If my mom didn't answer my call, I'd think she's dead or If she sick, I'd think she's dying. For years, I stopped worrying and it came back in middle school. I got talked about a lot so, I'm nervous around big groups of people not an individual person. My worrying gets worse when something involving death is around. I fear death. Anything associated with it makes me very scared. If I get a symptom like chest pain, I think I'm having a heart attack or dying. I recently self diagnosed myself with MS. It started after I came back from the eye doctor. I went to get some new glasses. I'd lost mine a couple weeks before I got some new ones. The glasses would make me dizzy. After that, a chalazia in my left eye popped and my vision seemed to be off. My right eye was blurrier than my left (or it could be that my vision improved in my left eye). I looked up that symptom and MS immediately popped up. Since then, I've been really scared that I have it. My left arm gets weak now. I feel dizzy. I feel like I'm floating, or I'm not in my body. The floaty feelings gets better when I lay down. I can't concentrate because I'm freaking out. I'm really scared. This isn't the first time I've done this. I've recently thought I had brain cancer, breast cancer, throat cancer, a brain tumor, etc. idk if it's actually anxiety or if it could be MS. I only started to get the symptoms when I looked up what it could be. Now I can't get them to stop.
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