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Crazy Symptoms!!

So, do you guys think that these symptoms are from my anxiety?  I am constantly lightheaded/dizzy, left side of face feels full, ear feels full, eye feels funny, jaw feels funny, left arm numb every now and then, feel like legs are weak sometimes, feeling like i'm going to pass out, lump in throat.  I just cant believe how much anxiety can take over your body!  Is it possible that all of these symptoms are just from some crazy thing thats all in my head??  I can hardley stand it anymore!!!!
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Have you seen a doctor? What tests have you had done?
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Absolutely... i have had all of those symptoms except for the feeling full in the face and ears.  Don't think you are crazy... they are all from anxiety!  I know it's hard to believe but it's true.
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i have had a brain and sinus ct, chest xray, ekg and a whole bunch of lab tests, all of which came back normal.
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Okay, good. I can say I have EVERY one of your symptoms and I have had every test done as well. Anxiety can manifest itself in soooo many ways, it is weird. I have been searching for 7 years for my causes of my symptoms, but I am actually very healthy, except for what I have trained my mind to believe. It's not ALL in your head, the symptoms are very real! What are you doing for your anxiety?
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i also saw an ent and she found nothing wrong.  there are some days where i feel perfectly fine and then others where i feel dizzy and just weird all day and then end up paniky all day.  i also have some thyroid issues that could be playing a part in my anxiety.
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i have gotten back on zoloft after being off of it for a year.  i went through a really bad time with my anxiety about a year ago and after being on meds for about 4 months is got better and i got off of the zoloft and kept ativan just in case when i needed it.  i really hate having to be on meds!
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why in the world is anxiety making my ear feel funny all the time??  it drives me absoluty crazy when the dr tells me there is nothing wrong, even though i can feel something!
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I have the exact same feeling.  The right side of my face feels heavy all the time.  My ear, throat and eye all feel numb and weird.  I've had this feeling for over two years now and it never stops.  
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How does your ear feel? I went to an ENT and swore (as did my mom) that my problems were inner ear related but I had all the tests done - inner ear water test, etc., etc., and all fine. What I do know is that when you are tense, the muscles and nerves tighten in your jaw, face, to your ears, eyes, etc. this causes pain, popping, fullness, all those weird symptoms. The muscles get so tight that it actually causes ear pain and pressure. I have pressure in my ears, constantly trying to pop them and between my eyes, would swear I have a constant sinus infection, but I don't. Relaxing the jaw muscles throughout the day helps as does overall relaxation! I am learning on this one and so when I get more info I will pass it along to you.
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Oh, the pressure between the eyes....make it go awayyyyyy!!   I don't have ear PAIN, it just seems to be part of the whole overall heavy, numb feeling on the right side of my face. I clench my teeth ALL THE TIME, so I have a lot of tooth pain.  I even got a root canal last Nov on one of the top teeth that come together first with a bottom tooth.  It still hurts more than ever even though there's no nerve.  I'm going to have the dentist re-xray it just to make sure the nerve is gone so I'll know the pain is entirely due to clenching.  Clenching is very difficult to stop....I have a night guard, but that thing makes my teeth hurt too, lol.   Ah well.........
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I am so thankful for all of you, otherwise I would still think I was all alone with these crazy constant symptoms.  Until I discovered this forum, I thought I was just a NUT!!!  
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I am a 32 year old woman who suffers anxiety.  I definitely agree that anxiety can do so many different things to you - I suppose the concerning thing is what is real and what is anxiety.  I have had terrible anxiety over the last month suffered from vision problems, chest pains, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness - my constant fear that something is wrong with my physical health as been driving me crazy (not to mention my family, boyfriend etc).  I have visited the doctors weekly and have had blood tests, heart check, general physical check.  The only thing they could find was low iron (which is usual in women) and a heart murmur (which is very faint).  My psychologist is not surprised that they couldn't find anything wrong with me.  Its funny where we place our anxiety and how we try to make sense of it.....pragmatism and logic doesn't play a part when we are feeling it though!   My advice it to get your physical health checked out for piece of mind and put all your efforts into finding the source of your anxiety.....I am reading a book at the moment called The places that Scare You.  Its written by a women who translates Tibetan buddism.  I was raised a Christian but I think that buddism has some great points.....its about getting your mind and your emotions working together.  I believe that anxiety is sign that they are not.

Hope this post helps someone

Love and light
Yvette xx
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At the end of this response is a "commercial" inviting you to join the forum. I hope you will do so, otherwise I'll miss my quota and heaven knows what unspeakable horroes might befall me if THAT should happen. But first, let's get on to the important stuff -the anxiety.

There is nothing I can add, really, to what others have very correctly advised about getting thoroughly checked out for vatious other causes of symptoms. Sometimes I think that we panic people are the healthiest brood on the plant, given all the tests we take to "rule out," everything else. And, you may as well get it all done NOW, because if you're going to get serious about treating the anxiety and panic -you'll get all the tests somewhere along the line.

I think "Enlightenment" has it right about anxiety being a "sign" of some kind of imbalance. I say so because anxiety, panic, GAD and all the other little names we give to ourt disorder are nothing more than institutional medicine's way of classifying something. We call it "nervous," they call it "anxiety." I call it "tummy ache," they call it "nausea." Explains nothing; just gives it a label.

That said, we must guard against thinking that all the peculiar sensations we experience are "caused by" anxiety. They are no more caused by it than a tornado is "caused by" wind. Tornado, high wind -whatever- its wrecking the place!

I'm not trying to be silly about this. My point is that pains, buzzing, balance problems, breathlessness, pressure in the chest and -well, you name it- all "go along with" or are often "found with" anxiety. And all are an indication (a sign, as Enlightenment might say) that we perceive a big problem somewhere -in the nature of an emergency- so we get nervous, anxious -or whatever you want to call it. Say you're walking down some abandoned railroad tracks one day, and get your foot caught between the ties. No problem -this line hasn't seen a train for years. But then, you hear the wail of a horn in the distance, feel some vibration in the rail, hear the slight squeal of steel on steel, look up -and, lo and behold- here comes a choo-choo! You would probably be nervous, breathless, experience sharp sensations and a sharp pain in your chest -you get the idea. And you would not ask yourself if these things were "caused by" anxiety. Hell, no, you'd know the whole thing is caused by 2000 tons of metal coming your way at a high rate of speed! Ther whole stinkin' problem is caused by the train!

And that's where the rub comes in with anxiety -you act like a train is bearing down, but damned if you can actually see one! And so, we act as though the anxiety is a "thing unto itself." In fact, though, we must be reacting to something. Question is, what?

Well, we do know that -unlike the train- there is nothing "out there" that threatens us, so we can and we do treat the anxiety and family of symptoms with medication, or "management" techniques which may actually be effective in reducing the symptoms. But, if we really want to make the emergency go away, it is more helpful to have some idea of what's making us act this way -and that's where therapy comes in. Typically, what we learn in therapy is that there are events in our present experience which remind us on a very deep level of situations in the past -sometimes the distant past- which threatened us. Bear in mind that the further back you go, the "smaller" you get; that is, you approach childhood. And, as a youngster, things which would not threaten us as adults may have been a major source of worry back then. And that's where the business of "mind and emotions working together" comes in.

One way to connect the dots btween now and back then is to remember when anxiety first really started bugging you -and work back through your life to see when those same feelings oppoed up before. Therapy under the guidance of a good psychiatrist who specializes in this sort of thing can be very helpful.

Regardless of what path you choose to find out what's bugging you, it will be helpful NOT to look at the various faces of anxiety as being the issue of anxiety itself. It all comes together as a sort of nasty package. Find out the return address on that package -and you'll start to get a grip on ALL the symptoms.

Please read through the various posts here so you can see what we have all had to say of this over time -you'll get the drift. Now, that commercial:

One of the BEST ways to get the most out of this forum to work is to JOIN it - become a part of it. Its easy -just click the Join Link -enter some profile information about yourself -even a picture if you care to- and anything you think would help us get to know you faster and better, and you can change this material whenever you like. You will also be accessible to receive private messages when other members click the name you've given yourself -sort of a "push to talk" feature. After you've done that, spend some time just using various features of the forum. For example, to see all the posts or responses that someone has made, just click their handle, go to their profile, click Posts, and read to your heart's content. You may also enter search terms -including member names- in the search box at the upper right of your screen and the system will retrun everything matching the term(s) you entered. This INCLUDES a drug database that will give you both user posts about drugs as well as the medical information about the drug. A great way to get quick answers about therapeutic effect, side effects, interactions, etc.

One of the profile categories is your mood, which you may change anytime you like.

Along the right side of your screen is a section of Recent Activity, which not only alerts you to new posts, but new ANYTHING, including journal entries and mood. This is a way to telegraph the community at large without actually creating a separate post. Thus, if you see a friend's mood has changed while you are working on a response or post, it can alert you to send them a private message to learn more or simply let them know you're thinking of them. Likewise, if you are going to be "out," you could enter something like "off line for the night" as your mood, and people would know you're away from the forum for awhile.

If you do this kind of exploring and experimenting right away, you'll be up-to-speed quickly. If you see the message you are reading now as part of a direct response I (or anyone) has made to one of your posts, it was probably copied and pasted from this journal. I hate form letters and auto-responses as much as anyone -but I also hate forgetting to tell people what they need to know, so this is my safety-net. Consider it as part of your "Welcome" kit. So -please join and try things out.

You might also want to read my entries for the "Right Click Trick" and "When in Haste, Use Copy 'n Paste" for some other convenient time-savers.

A final thought: while your experience is uniquely YOUR experience, it will be familiar -painfully so- to many of us on the forum. And thus, the ways in which you deal with it and finally find you exit are invaluable to everyone here -so, please stay with us, and help others where you can.

Trust me, your post is a marvelous summary of what so many others have asked when they came here -very good.
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I get that fullness in the left side of my face too. Its almost like I feel my face swelling up or something. Its so weird!!
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thank you to everyone for all of your responses!  it helps so much to know that other people are going through the same thing!  Another symtom that I have had lately is that I feel like I can't swallow right or almost choke on my food.  I feel like my throat is closing up even though I damn well know that its not!!  
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