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Curing Anxiety? What are your coping methods?

Is it possible to CURE anxiety? Or is it more correct to say, TREAT, anxiety?

Is it possible to OVERCOME this and BEAT it?

Any success stories out there?

What are your way's on COPING with your anxiety spells? We should all share to help each other out.

Could my anxiety just be a PHASE I'm going through in my life? I'm only 25!

Here's a great youtube video to that might be helpful to some people as well.
Very educational and down to earth.


Ways that I cope:

I try to not MOPE around... I try to keep my mind ACTIVE.
I excersise.
I hang out with POSITIVE people, even if it's REALLY hard!
I try to LAUGH as much as I can.
I try to think about SOMEONE ELSE besides myself! B/c it's VERY easy to be self centered when you are having anxiety. It seems to be about YOU YOU YOU.
Look for something positive to look forward to. Like a goal.
I also see a psychologist when I have a bad spell. Cognitive therapy.

I'd love to see how "YOU" cope during anxiety. =)
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hey there... i think thats a great post, and we can all help each other out by putting up here our ways of coping.... as for ways i cope:

i make sure i exercise every single day for 1 hour in the morning. (kickstarts my body, wakes me up and raises my mood levels)
i have a list of 4 positive quotes, situations, memories which i use in turns when i get anxious.
i try and lkeep my mind constantly occupied and every time i catch myself getting into a negative thought process, i distrct myself with an activity
i pray every day
i have my fav songs on my ipod, which i listen to.
i set a goal for each day
i visit my therapist when i need it
i tell myself that i have the strength and i will cope with this
i say to myself, i will fight the fight!

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I like your ways of dealing with anxiety by finding a kind of routine to go through, here's my contribution:

-upon waking i think of positive thoughts
-i tell myself, i've done it before so i can get through it again
-i drink herbal teas
-i think of something to look forward to, ie vacation, icecream, movie night, dinner party etc anything at all that makes me happy
-i do one thing that i have been putting off so that i get a great sense of satisfaction out of it
-i stop thinking of myself
-i think of something funny
-i put music on and dance
-i come and write on this forum
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