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Cymbalta Poll

Just wanted to get some input from those of you who have had experience with Cymbalta.  I post this poll with the understanding that everyone is different....I just would like some info.  Thanks all!
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Please feel free to post more detailed info about your experiences with this med.
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I am on Cymbalta right now. I choose this AD because of it's analgesic ability because i have occipital neuralgia. It can be a very stimulating AD tho and for anxiety I'm not sure it's the best choice but here again it's a gamble because lack of serotonin can cause anxiety and too much norepinephrine can also cause anxiety. One thing i can tell you is that whith Cymbalta, healthy diet and exercise my anxiety and depression is gone. Not that effective for the occipital neuralgia tho. When i started it i had the common nausea side-effect and it was gone after 1 week. Then after taking it for a month i stopped it cold turkey to see what happens ( yeah I'm a tester lol ) and i had no withdrawal effects but after 1.5 week my occipital neuralgia was much worse and i was crying more easily because of all the things happening in my life and my mom's cancer. So after i saw what it was like to be on the drug for 1 month and off for 1 week i decided to take the drug and all i can say about it is that it's a wonderful drug and it is worth the expansive price especially if you want to avoid tiredness and pain. I am still on it and i have no side-effect other than i have more energy and a bit less pain, I say a bit but there again it was much worse without the drug.

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Thank you both for your input.  I was thinking of giving it a try, simply from what several people who have tried it have said.  I've had great luck in the past with Zoloft, and Lexapro (and Prozac, but not as much).

My main goal is the treatment of the anxiety and avoidant type behavior that comes with anxiety.  I definitely have secondary depression due to the anxiety, but that is not as bothersome as the anxiety itself.

I'll mull it all over.  The insurance/cost issue may come into play as we have pretty lousy insurance for prescriptions.  Gotta love it..work in the healthcare industry and have crappy insurance.  The way of the world!!!  :0)

Thanks again for the insight, it is greatly appreciated!
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I seem to be in a similar situation to you with the anxiety, the depression was secondary but has become an issue.  I'm now trying Cymbalta for the second time, friends say they see an improvement.  Keep me posted on how you do.

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'Cymbalta itself is not very Serotonergic''

I wouldn't be ready to make this assumption.

''Duloxetine may be a dual serotonin/norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, as it is only a slightly more potent inhibitor of serotonin than norepinephrine uptake in vitro''


It is also a weak dopamine reuptake inhibitor.


Nursegirl, check out the last link it's about: Duloxetine: A Review of its Use in the Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Best regards,
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