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Can anyone tell me what kind of side affects they have experienced with cymbalta?
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I'm still new to cymbalta but not new to anti-depressants.

I've learned over the years that side effects are different for everyone and not to judge a medication based on that. Possible side effects doesn't mean one will get all of them (which is what I tended to focus on).

While being on Cymbalta, the one side effect I've noticed is insomnia. For the first little while I had nausea but that's gone away. Other than that, my appetite has increased and I'm eating a bit more.
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My daughter has been on it for two weeks and also had insomnia so she switched to taking it in the morning, instead of at night.   Also she feels less hungry.
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Well with all of them you will gain weight and its the hardest weight to lose believe me.  Im off all antidepressants now.  And I couldnt be happier.
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Congrats on being off all anti-depressants!

I've explored that option several times and unfortunately cannot live that life. Guess I'll have to find my happiness while on the meds!

Stacey: I too switched my Cymbalta to the morning but I do have some insomnia still :(
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