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Just curious do any of u have  severe anxiety everyday or every other day where it just takes over u and u feel alone and don't wanna do or go anywhere.And feel like the test the doctors did that came out normal is not enough sometimes.Or when u first wake up u ask yourself ok what kind of day am i gonna have today another severe or mild cuz u have it everyday u can't help it but to do that everyday.K thanks for reading any input would be really great.
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I have what is probably a chronic anxiety. I have had panic attacks but my main problem is a chronic tension/anxiety problem.  I have a slight tension in my chest nearly all of the time and have to take deep breaths every now and again to catch my breath.  I do breathing and relaxation techniques that do help but it has never completely gone away.  I think trying to get a positive attitude going first thing in the morning can be really helpful.  What sort of things have you tried?
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absolutely with ya sista' I have been doing alot to reduce the amt of generized anxiety and am on a good path and hopeful. Every morning when i wake up i do deep belly breaths and am learning to meditate. I also count my plus's in my dominant hand, mine are I can take care of myself, i can choose where to focus my attention, i am strong, i am a mom, i can learn to deal with this crap, etc. then in my not dominate hand i put one thing such as i am scared to drive. I place my dominate over my not dominate and let those positives outweigh the negative. I choose a different one every day.
Also, I am reading and rereading and rereading Ekhart Tolle finding your inner purpose and it is fantastic at retraining your mind. All anxiety attacks really are are a trick of our mind. I would be happy to join forces and help each other if you would like to be friends.
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I'm am right there with ya. It's like I do morning inventory of my body everyday. I try not to, but I can't control my thoughts. Donna, I would love to join forces with you and conquer this terrible thing. I will look that book up and read it. When I try to do the deep breathing, it wigs me out even more. I do find some satisifaction in meditation, but it's hard when I have kiddo's interupting every 5 seconds.
I think maybe my main thing is I have control issues. Since I can't control how I think, I have attacks. Any suggestions on that one?
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Hi there..

I know that feeling too..saying, "ahh, how is today going to be?" I have generalized anxiety and have had a wide range of worrying/tensing up over everything, : my heart, how I am doing on something/work related, did I say the right thing? did I do the right thing? ...I find this type of constant SELF -criticism/awareness, is very unnecessary....and it is usually always, always fabricated in our mind, and not true.

I think (what I have been doing lately)is saying (when a thought that is questioning something, analyzing something, analyzing myself, fearing, etc.) : "I am fine/great the way I am..I can make mistakes, and learn from em, and move on. I am HUMAN. I will learn things as I go...I can say "so?" or "whatever" to thoughts, and they will not be ME. And.... I only have Now, or today..that is it!!!!!! I will not project into the future.."

I saw someone above posted about Eckhart Tolle...his books very much helped my self esteem, and to make me see that my THOUGHTs every day were causing suffering/anxiety...me fabricating things in my mind, etc.  He said in it (one of my fav. quotes): "The future is already here, and  you, already it." Meaning, there is no future!!!! We keep looking into even the rest of our day..."am I gonna make it? "   "Am I gonna get scared? " ( I still do that last one sometimes) .....Now I really try to say to myself..."Who cares!!!!!!" In the real scheme of the universe (which we are inseparably connected to...Tolle says, we are it really!) these fears and constant thoughts do not matter! It takes pressure off of ourselves, and that is key....NOw , I try hard to watch a thought, and say, "hmm...that is not me, though. I can handle this. I will not get scared, adn if I do, it'll pass quick. " I do not identify anymore with my fearful thoughts..because then I only get more fearful of them /anxious about them..when you don't, they do not control you/distort reality!!!!!!!!!!!  I say, the only time to be happy, (we've GOT to go for that ) is Now..today..that is it really....

Well, let us know how things are, and don't worry...you will see when you do not identify with thoughts, you will slowly become calmer, clearer...message me if you'd like though! And talk to you soon...
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That's me all day, everyday, and I AM alone with my struggle.
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calmshell, i agree totally! THOUGHTS CANNOT HURT YOU!! To accept is to save you and yourself from suffering. I am really really really trying to hear that and become that. We can notice our thoughts and move on or become those thoughts. they say it sounds simple because it isn't some long complex thing. i think the difficulty is really getting it. i am starting to see glimmers and have hope!
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