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Daily Tension type Headaches for 5 weeks

So about March 20, I got a pretty bad ice-pick type headache that went away after about an hour and the next days I felt alright, but slight pressure that I thought was due to weather. It'd be rainy for about 3 days and it's not uncommon for me to get headaches during rainy weather, but it clears up usually with some form of NAISD. But after 4 days of pressure and still a mild achy head, I started to wonder, and that night had a severe earache that woke me up. I went to the Dr who said I had inflamed sinus cavities in my nose and my ears, which had also had a retracted ear-drum - ow. He gave me flonase and I take it once daily as prescribed. He said I'd probably be dealing with sinus symptoms the rest of the spring (I am also new to this area - Auburn, AL). After about a week, I still was having mild head pain that has felt like pulling/pinching in coin sized areas at the back of my head, top of my scalp, and even down my neck and shoulders and back. He gave me dicloflenac for a week, which seemed to help (2-3 pills/daily as needed). Still having some aches and pains after a week, he had me come in and checked for any neurological signs (aka, I made stupid faces at him and squeezed his hands) - he said it all seemed normal and he said it sounds like a tension headache. He put me on cyclobenzaprine (sp?) for a week to relax the muscles along with another dose of diclo pot. For a week I took all of this along with my flonase and added an antihistamine for good measure. After the week had passed, and still having the aches and pains, he's now sending me to a neurologist for good measure, but now it has me scared, that and I have NO health insurance, so fun. I started taking magnesium citrate twice a day to see if that helps. Although my fiance who gives me a lot of neck and back massages now - says I am not near as tense as I was a month ago as far as my back/neck are concerned.

The pain is mild-moderate
The pain comes and goes throughout the day, never lasting but a few minutes at most
Sometimes I will go hours without any pain - especially when I am busy
Little to no pain the morning/early afternoon, by late afternoon and evening, it's always a bit more constant and a bit more stronger
It's never stopped me from other activities, just making it hard to enjoy everything

pressure pain around head
sometimes painful facial pressure - Especially inside the bridge of my nose
my ear sometimes still aches pretty badly
achy pain around the whole ear/temple area sometimes sharper pain, but not ice-pick
my temples in particular either feel very pressured or ache
jaws feel sore or ache sometimes
forehead sometimes hurts
pinching/pulling pain in the back of the head/top of the head
Neck/base of head muscles ache
shoulders and back muscle aches
teeth have also felt strangely sensitive/sometimes hurt - especially the top ones

So I am not sure - I've never had this sort of headache before that lasts so long. I've also realized I tend to jut my jaw forward a lot which I think may be playing into the temple/jaw aches. My fiance asked his Dr if sinus and allergies could ultimately aggravate tension headaches and cause them to linger, which apparently is possible, and so when Spring is over that my headaches should also alleviate themselves since there won't be anymore sinus/allergy issues. (I'll also be moving back to my hometown)

Sinus congestion symptoms:
sinus pressure/pain
drainage in the back of throat
lots of bleeding down into my throat
No congestion funny enough

So, that's what's going on and I guess I am wondering if anyone can at least relate, or think there's need to investigate into more serious conditions. (It's been a paint avoiding brain tumor boards...ugh) - Which - no typical symptoms like nausea/vommitting, movement doesn't seem to bother me, headaches are actually better earlier in the day, and no change in personality/confusion.

My last thought is maybe hormones - I am pretty irregular, but BC has made me really sick in the past, so I have been off of it for about 6 months, but bc of this, I am pretty irregular - so maybe between moving to a new area, I threw my body off hormonally and allergy-wise and being in a pretty lousy living situation (3 dogs and rather messy inconsiderate roommates, and no health insurance bc of little money - I guess that is a stressful deal) - all of that could result in some gnarly tension that may just take its time to leave?

All that said - even if I don't "feel" stressed or tensed up - is it possible to still feel pains? Is it like an injury that needs time to heal?

Am I going to die soon, or live like this forever and ever? Essentially is what I want to know. :p In any case, any ideas to how to help? (tried every NAISD, ice, heat, prescription, magnesium - all with varying effect, but nothing that makes it go away and STAY away).

Help :(
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I could write an epic tome about headaches since there are about 500 reasons we can experience chronic headaches.

You have listed quite of few of those reasons but I suggest you stop trying to self-diagnose and go see your doctor...........who is the ONLY one qualified to give you an answer. If he/she cannot quickly find the answer, they will refer you to a neurologist.

I AM NOT a doctor and this is NOT a diagnosis! I have terrible sinus issues and have had two major sinus infections since January. You have listed virtually every symptom of sinus problems. If left untreated they can cause many problems............many which you have described. Personally your symptoms sound to me like you could have a serious sinus infection, which can be cured with antibiotics. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION.  

Chronic daily headaches can ruin the quality of our lives......PLEASE see your doctor as soon as possible! I'd say you've suffered long enough. And, NO! You are NOT going to die! That kind of thinking can cause anxiety which can cause headaches.

Keep us up-dated, OK?
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