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I wanted to post this just to see what others will say. I didnt put this in my last post "Fear" because it dosnt really effect my life all that much. But i just wanted to see what people would say.

The dark
   I'm 19 year old and the dark still freaks me out. MY mind plays "nice" tricks on me. But those tricks are play three times more at night and exspicaly in the dark. I think the fear of the dark really took root when i was very young and i had my own room but there was no door to it (so my mom and dad could hear me) well the hall was always dark. I would lie in bed looking at my picture books or watching movies but no matter what i did. I always saw some one at my rooms door. It was an old house (as i write this i get wired thoughts and i feel kinda paniced i dont know why) Well every since then i cant sleep in rooms with open doors. But i cant be in the dark either i fear. Writing this at night wasn't a good idea im going to have a hard time sleeping now. Well i cant handle the dark i fear it and dark rooms or door ways with darkness n them scares the hell out of me

this brings me to the next one

I dont like looking at them when there open some dont bother me but my mind plays tricks with me. When i say this mean i think of things being there it happens so fast it takes me time to realign thoughts but i feel like im being watched and if i turn my back to it i feel like somethings come towards me but i know thats not true.

i dont think this is really a fear but mirrors make me feel uneasy (thats why i dont have one in my room.

I feel weak putting admiting these things but i need to know what you guys think. I saw that im not the only one still scared of the dark but i just want to know is it because of that thing i always saw at my door how should i over come this. Should i even try?
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