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Dealing with Derealization

Hello everyone,

I suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, chronic depression (inactive), and other mental and personality disorders.
Almost a year ago I had been in an abusive relationship in many aspects. I was incredibly stressed out, incredibly worried and incredibly sick, emotionally and physically. Due to this, it has seemed my brain and mind were so worked up that I am feeling the effects of it. I have been suffering from derealization for a long time now, but not as bad as it is currently. I was in the pool with my significant other and we were just relaxing, until suddenly this giant wave feeling of unreality washed upon me. It was so strange. I had to pinch myself a few times to remind myself I am not actually dreaming. It is very strange and uncomfortable. I currently cannot see a therapist to cope with my anxiety (I have tried for years and years and therapists make me extremely uncomfortable and bring upon me more stress) and I refuse to take any medication.. Although there is no cure for derealization, are there any tips to cope with it?

By the way, I have never smoked weed which is what mostly gives people derealization, even after being off of it for months. I haven't been taking any sort of medication either.
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You really should give therapy a try. You may have to see a couple of therapists to find one you really feel comfortable with. The de realization feeling is not that uncommon when you have anxiety. I know exactly what you're talking about.  
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