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Dealing with worring and Anxiety

Hey im courtney and i do have anxienty and i do take liquid brand of zoloft and i still get tired all the time and have some mood swings somtimes and get furusterated somtimes, even though im naturally a happy outgoing person, im a young women, im 20 years old and have dont some reserch on this, but i get tired threw out the day and yawn a lot and hard to get out of bed somtime when i been sleeping so good, and i do sleep good  but somtimes takes time to get to sleep, and im drowzy a lot and need some help with this please,
Thankz, Courtney
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Although it's not the advice you probably want to hear, exercise is the best thing you can do to fight anxiety and the depressive side effects of anxiety and anti-anxiety meds. Combined with other therapies, exercise is the one universally-prescribed treatment in every anxiety treatment program.
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Where you so tired also before you where on Zoloft?
Tiredness can be caused by depression and anxiety,you could discuss a higher Zoloft dose.Id also advise therapy,meds alone is usually not enough to beat this.Lily
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