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Depersonalization and anxiety

Hi everyone, for the last 4 weeks I have been having issues driving lately (especially at night). When I am home or at a friends house, everything seems to be fine. When I'm driving, it's like an intoxicating symptom of unfamiliar surroundings (which should be familiar) and I can't focus very long before I feel, "overloaded" and have to blink or look out the driver window and provides temporary relief until I look forward again.. It's almost like a chronic motion sickness... but not quite. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar?

It is almost like having a sinus infection without the symptoms besides, the head congestion. It's a chronic intoxicating state of being in the mind at all time and terrible while driving... All of my good friends, girlfriend and a decent part of my family moved far away. Shortly after that, my job was dumping profuse amounts of anxiety on me, then! I was drinking about 1 cup of coffee and 3 shots almost everyday for 2 years.. I decided to go completely cold turkey on the caffeine (big mistake). Combining all these factors left me in horrible mental state... I was using valium for 4 days and then got prescribed, "Abilify" which seemed to help in the beginning and will be taken off of it in two weeks. Panic attacks stopped and I could somewhat move on and live a normal life, but!

Now I am stuck with the previous symptoms I was describing at the beginning of this post everyday, all the time.. but horrible while driving. I am exhausted of being in this state... my mood is level... anxiety is a small culprit in terms of recurring effects. I eat right and exercise.. but still stuck with these symptoms... it's exhausting and any insight would be much appreciated. My doctor thought it was depression but... I don't feel depressed and I don't see how depression could effect driving in such a strange way like this. Much thanks! : D

-21 years old
-Family history of mental issues: no
-None drinker
-Smokes cigarettes
-No caffeine
-No Fast Food
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hi there, my brother in law sufferes from nearly the exact thing,only it effects him also now when he gets on a plane,its a form of anxiety attack, even though he said he was never nervous driving or had problems before but he just started to feel very weird once he started tyo drive and now cuz its untreated he sufferes even when he is a passenger,so i would say you are also suffering a type of anxiety attack,look these attacks up online and compare your symptoms,bear in mind everyone reacts different in the attack...you might need some therapy to help get through your attacks while ur aware of whats happening to you so you can overcome it better,resolve it now,dont let it get the better of you cuz it will grow.
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Thank you very much for the feed back. I am appreciative knowing I'm not the only one going though this. I'm gonna try 5http and see if that helps at all.
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thats crazy its almost what ive been trying to explain to people all along i just keep getting told its my anxiety i literally drive and feel like im out of it i cant stare out straight for to long because this weird feeling comes over me and i have to look to the side or the dash to "refocus" . I dont know how to fix this , it also happens at random times
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I have been experiencing exactly what you have describe for the past 8 months. I almost feel like I'm driving, but I'm not driving, in a sense. Things that were familiar seem unfamiliar, and I constantly have to reassure myself that I'm going the right direction. It's the weirdest feeling ever! I've described this to my doctor, and he referred me to a Neurologist, but he said all my test were completely normal. Today I'm going to see a psychiatrist for the first time in years. I'm eager to find out what has been going on with me.
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Any news?? I'd be grateful to know.
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Sadly no, months later and still dealing with this strange sensation O.o
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