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Hello all... so I am going through divorce, work full time as a Store Manager in a stressful retail environment, I have a four year old daughter who I feel I don't spend enough time with. I am currently on Lexapro for Anxiety and Depression. I don't really feel depressed, but I do have very low points (mainly about my appearance and self worth), but lately I have been VERY tired all the time and have been dizzy... almost dazed, along with random headaches.

I have been on Lexapro for about 6 months, but I don't feel as though it does much, with even being on 20 mg (highest dose) and I also take Atenolol for heart palpitations. Could it be that I just need to switch medications, or could this be symptoms for a different condition?
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It sounds like maybe you should talk to your doctor about switiching meds. Im currently on Lexapro 20 mg. Im currently going through a divorce has well. I see a counsoler. I have more down moods, than what I should since Im on lexapro. She thinks maybe its  the meds. So Im going to see a psychiatrist today about changing my meds. 6 months long enough time where the med should help. So I would look into changing it. (and being tired is a symptom of depression)

Good luck. Hope I was some help. Im here if ya want to talk more.
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