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Depression advice

I'm 18 and am wondering where I can find help or someone to talk to other than my mother about my depression. I'm not doing well in school( I'm lazy and sleep during most of it) and I don't have any friends.I have been this way since I was 12 and I have a bad feeling that this is just going to get worst later on in my life. Does anyone have any advice?
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I went through the same thing at the same time of life as you. Are you in college at the moment? Many schools have free counseling services (although you may have a student working on a counseling degree, they still have to be approved to do counseling). At the high school level, there should still be school psychologists available as well.

If your school does not offer this and expense is an issue, try calling 211 and asking for information about local community mental health programs. You can also ask at churches to find out if they have anyone available for counseling.

Finally, I do recommend anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds, but these should be used in conjunction with counseling. They'll give you enough of an emotional support that you can live the rest of your life at least somewhat normally while dealing with the stresses of emotional baggage with your counselor. The right dose and type of medication won't turn you into a zombie - it will let you be "you" again. :)

Hang in there!
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I just google counsellors for the suburb I am in and then call and book an appointment.
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feel free to message me i will be more then willing to help you out or just listen to anything you want to talk about :D
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