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Depression in denial

Don't even know were to begin with this but I feel I am in denial about everything. Do I have depression? All I do is sit alone all day crying thinking about how bad life is, I have no friends at all as I stopped talking to them, I have no family as I don't get on with them and I feel I just cannot take anymore of this. I have the worlds shortest temper & all I do is negative thinking. The other night I was laying in bed and my boyfriend was snoring, I got that angry I considered getting the scissors and cutting all my hair off.....crazy I know. Drs had my anti-depressants and I refuse to take them because I feel chronic stress as finally got the best of me. Ive had enough and cannot take another f.   king day of the same stress those being my boyfriends ex giving me hell everyday. Im only 21 and at this rate I wont see 22 because I genuinely am starting to hate life!!!
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Are you seeing a psychologist?
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You mentioned antidepressants. If your Dr thinks you need them,try again. There are so many out there. Plus so many combinations.
  You are a beautiful vibrant young woman. No good sitting around crying all day.   You said you have no friends. Truth is you have your boyfriend even if he snores!  See yourself in a different light. Pamela
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Yes I am but I don't find her sessions useful. Just wanna completely give up now. Just feels like no matter what I cannot see the positive in anything. Xx
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how does cutting all of YOUR hair off help the situation of your bf's snoring? try the anti depressants your doc gave you. there's a reason for those and you never know, they just may be what helps you get through this hard time. dont give up! there's plenty of help out there, you just need to wanna help yourself first!
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