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Desperate for answers or opinions!! Anxiety, stress or what?

Since December 2017 I hhave been dealing with a wide variety of symptoms that have plagued me every single day for 8months. Symptoms are heightened anxiety, panic attacks, episodes of racing heart with hypertension, full body aches, epsidoes of extreme cold or feeling feverish,
Jitteryness, internal vibrations,  tightness in my chest. The worst symptom is a stressful feeling that comes over my body , almost the feeling if you got done doing something strenuous or had a very heated argument with someone but all I'm doing at time is watching TV :( the feeling makes my chest tight and my bp going high. Ive had countless blood work in months that all returned normal. Countless ekgs that return normal. A normal MRI and EEG.  iam hypothyroid and initially the syntpoms felt very hyperthyroid BC I had tooo much energy but after seeing 5 different endos the bloodwork shows iam still hypothyroid with inactive graves disease and was told there is no way what's happening to me is thyroid related. It honestly feels like more stress related than anxiety when it comes on. And its not an all day feeling either. It comes in episodes. It happens evening single evening.  Ive been on xanex 1mg since January BC it is the ONLY medicine that eliminates my symptoms as soon as they start. Has anyone else been through this?? My docs are clueless
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So sorry you are having such a tough time.  First, let me just say we are all lay people here and just giving opinions.  True expert care will come from your own doctors.  I have had hypothyroidism myself.  My hormones were out of sync along with the slow thyroid (I produced too much estrogen at that time as well).  I was a MESS.  And as thyroid issues are often associated with hormonal imbalance, to me . . . I would say you do sound like you have significant anxiety but IS it caused by the hormonal and thyroid dysfunction?  Example, I have cyclic anxiety. It is like clockwork. Same time every cycle/month I will have intense anxiety.  Three nights straight I can not sleep with insomnia, loud mind and racing heart.  My doctor tells me that his is a common hormonal response. My anxiety is because of my hormones (those dang things!).  Then it goes away almost completely.  Not that I am not anxious at other times but that three day period every cycle being so on the dot has made it easy to diagnose why it happens.  So, that's just me and a way to outline how hormones 'can' affect people in terms of mental health.

Are you treating your hypothyroid condition? Does the Xanax help?  Seems maybe not and hope you don't mind me saying that is a short term solution.  Have you considered treatment for anxiety along with addressing the thyroid?  Talk therapy/a psychologist and a psychiatrist if you need medication such as an SSRI?  
My thyroid doc said for 1000% its not thyroid related based on my labs. O disagree when i get so cold it hurts along with full body muscle pain. All of it comes in episodes. All my.symtpoms listed in first message I do not feel them all day long, I feel them.mostly every evening around tje same time between 4 and 6pm. Thats when i take my xanex and it takes away all my.symtpoms til the. Next day.
It's hard to argue with your endo, but they're mostly awful in treating thyroid problems.  They're not great in getting the medication dose right.  They often don't do the proper testing to make sure your T3 and T4 are doing what they're supposed to be doing.  What you describe does happen to anxiety sufferers, but it also happens to thyroid sufferers.  If you go on the weight loss forum, there's a woman named Barb who has fought the thyroid wars for ages and it took years for her to finally do her own research and start to come out on top.  You might give her a private message and see if she can offer some help, because as long as this might be your thyroid, treating anxiety it it isn't anxiety won't help much.
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