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Diazepam prescription

Hi there everyone
I was prescribed Diazepam (valium) a couple of weeks ago to see how they worked - I only had 6 but managed to make them last for a while. I suffer from Panic Disorder and Generalised Anxiety and took them for panic attacks. They completely stopped the attacks (I only took one when I felt an attack coming on) and I was only on 2mg which I believe is the lowest dose.
Anyway, I saw a different GP to the one who prescribed me Diazepam and she said that I can't have anymore. I know they're notorious for being addictive, but surely if I'm just taking them when I need them, there can't be any real risk?
I'm being plagued by panic attacks since running out and it's very frustrating. CBT didn't help for the panic attacks, just the general anxiety, and without knowing the trigger (they happen randomly) I can't see talk therapy doing anymore good. I had it in the past and it was terrible.
What's the likelihood of being able to get another prescription of Diazepam, possibly from the original GP? I heard people who take this stuff every day, what's the problem?
I do have a history of depression if that helps and I'm 18 nearly 19.

Thanks all, and i hope you're anxiety is ok today.
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You really want to see a psychiatrist regarding this.  They are most knowledgeable when it comes to these types of medications and if they see you have an anxiety problem...they will treat you.  For now you may want to go back to your original GP to get the medication prescribed.  Most of us take something on a daily basis for anxiety, and if you're having panic attacks you need something as well.  Hope this helps and good luck!
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Hi mammo, I took sertraline for 6 months which was aparantely meant to help my panic attacks but it didn't - it was fantastic for my moods though. Are there any other medications which are good? I tried Citalopram and hated it.

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