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Dinintel and Panic Attacks

Dr Rob, I have a BMI of 24.4, but have been taking Dinintel (Asenlix) because I am studying and I am told it will help me to stay awake.  I have not eaten much in the last week.  This morning I pushed myself in a three mile road run, did not rehydrate at the end, then had a wierd episode where i screamed uncontrollaby.   Could this have been the consequence of the Dinitel, or was  as a result of it low blood sugar as one doctor said?  
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I have been taking dinintel for five days now,I do dancing twice a week but since taking the pills  I feel really tired afterwards, where as I can barely stand.  
As I am writing this I feel very weak,anxious,irritable,blurred vision and unhappy.I have only been taking this pill 5 days and I have lost my appetite completely in 3 days.(I only drink water).Should I stop taking these pills?
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There is no doctor here, you should call your regular doctor if you have any medication problems
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I want to know how effective dinintel is for losing weight.
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I have noticed from other sites that most people have difficulty finding dinintel.  I lived in the Bahamas, and it is easy to get it there...of course with a prescription.
Dinintel are the only pills (and I have tried many) that cuts my appetite. Not just for a couple hours and then wear off, but for the whole day.  I lose like 4 to 5lbs a week when I take them.  My doctor only give Rx for 30 days though- I do take like a 2 month break when I am done taking the months' supply. They are also quite cheap in Nassau, Bahamas- at $12. for 30.
One thing you should be aware of is that most doctors will not give you a Rx for them, because they say they are dangerous.  When I take them I don't sleep for the first 3 days (no Kidding) and my heart races.
I don't think I will take them in the future because the last time I did, my heart felt like it was going to tear through my chest.  That was a wakeup call for me.  
I would rather do it the hard way by exercising now.
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What was your total weight loss?  And how long did you take them for?
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i just started taking this pill i got it from bahamas to am only goin to try it for one month and see wats my result. but is it safe to take it without seeing a doctor
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