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Dizziness and panic attacks

I have recently been suffering from panic disorder in the past year, so am just learning how to cope with it. I get dizzy spells sometimes out of the blue, and have visual disturbances like things will seem to zoom toward me, or off to the side. I don't necessarily feel panicked at all when this happens, just dizzy and a little disorientated. Is this a symptom of panic disorder? Can you get dizzy without the symptom of being panicked? Or could this be unrelated to panic disorder?
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Hi Samba, the symptoms that you describe are the symptoms that I experience during panic attacks. Like you, the symptoms don't necessarily make me feel panic, but they often lead to one. Everyone is different. Your doc can do some simple and quick tests to see if the dizziness is related to a medical condition. My guess is that, these are symptoms of your panic disorder. The thing that helps me the most is to lay down and wait for it to pass. I've found a lot of help from Claire Weekes book "Hope and Help for your Nerves"
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This just happened to me about 10minutes ago while sitting at my office desk. I have been going through it everyday now for about a week or more. Seems as thought it hits me harder everyday & I just cried this last time bc it's starting to scare me.
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mine is bad its almost every day for the past month. however alot of time dizziness is really nothing horrible. main causes are or can be. ANxiety/depression. build up on ear wax or fluid in the ears. ear infectiong leading to inner ear infections.vertigo.Not getting enough sleep 8-10hours uninterupted,Not drinking enough water Not enough vitamins or even to much caffein sometimes though it can be  a sign of your blood sugar being off, Low blood cell count,Anemia, heart conditions, or even a common infection somewhere going unnotice. Id make sure you go to the Dr just to get it checked out. They have done a ct scan and blood work on me and nothing seems to be wrong.they call my dizziness everyday anxiety. Im still not sure. i went to the hospital last night and they said i DO have flui in my ear and thats mostly why im dizzy but he couldnt say how long it had been there, He said it takes about 4-6 weeks to heal on its own. so im hopeing its that cuz its been a month maybe a little more and the dizziness is almost none stop daily....
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