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Dizziness when bending over.

Have a cold at the moment and I woke up today fine. And now I feel dizzy when I bend over or lay flat. Worried I have some sort of inner ear problem? Could this just be bc Im sick? Worried it won't go away?!? Help.
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Actually yes, it most definitely could be related to the cold for a number of reasons (nasal/sinus congestion, inner ear issues, general fatigue and malaise).  

I'm dealing with the same thing as we speak, I'm getting over an upper resp infection (quite a wicked one), and any quick head movements, or getting up too fast, causes some dizziness.

Just take it a little slower for a couple days.  Even though many of your symptoms are gone, you're still recovering.

If after a few days you don't notice an improvement (or if you start having pain/drainage from the ear or a fever), then get into see your doctor.  You may have an inner ear infection that will need treated.  

Hope you feel better soon, let us know!
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Ok. Yea I'm just worried I have like an inner ear diease or something. You don't think it could be bppv right?
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It's not just like a lightheaded feeling. It is like a spinning feeling I can't describe it.
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