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Dizziness whilst backpacking

I'll start from the beginning. I'm 27 years old, healthy and relatively fit. I had a job at home which I was comfortable in but always had a dream of travelling the world. After a serious amount of thought I booked my flights to Australia, via Thailand, one way. I was absolutely buzzing.

Time comes, I'm on the flight and everything is fantastic. After a couple of weeks in Thailand one day me and a friend went on a day trip to several islands, it was 35 degrees and I barely drank any water (silly I know) and by the time I got back to my hostel I had severe sunstroke. One of the main symptoms being lightheaded and feeling dizzy. I decided to stay in that evening whilst my friend opted for a night out. Sadly, my friend was beaten up that evening and he had to return to the UK after hospital treatment in Thailand.

After this, I was alone and rather nervous. Nervous to go out and face people, scared of what might happen to me. But I still did, I still went out and enjoyed myself. The dizzy spells continued but I tried to ignore them.

A couple of weeks later I was at a restaurant with 8 friends (6 of which I had just met) and all of a sudden I started feeling lightheaded again, but additionally my throat felt like it was closing and my heart was racing like never before. My muscles cramped so tight and my mouth was dry as a bone. I told the people I was with and they took me to the hospital to have a blood test, which came back all clear. I had experienced my first panic attack.

The dizzy spells continued which made my breathing hard, and I felt like I was going to have another attack. This happened EVERY DAY for another 2 weeks.

My time to head to Australia was here, and I felt glad to be leaving Thailand what with the experiences I had. I arrived and all was good, for a week I felt none of the above symptoms. That is till one day, I started feeling lightheaded again. I decided to visit a doctor. She informed me that I might well have an inner ear infection (makes sense from our day trip in Thailand as we were snorkelling and the coral water can cause this) but I wasn't 100% sure this was the case. She informed me to let it rest for a couple weeks and it should ease and eventually go.

A week later I was headed to the outback to work for two months, the whole time I was there I experienced no symptoms. No dizziness. It felt great. I didn't even think about it again.

Two days ago I arrived in Perth, alone. I woke up yesterday morning and took a stroll through the city, guess what happened... You guessed it, I felt dizzy again. So here I am the following day, writing this post after just experiencing these symptoms less than an hour ago.

What is happening to me?!! Why am I having this lightheaded/dizziness feeling?

I would appreciate some responses to this. Sorry for the essay but I thought a bit of background would help you understand.

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It's hard to tell, because of the intermittent nature of the
A type of PTSD? Recurring ear infection?
Candida associated with alcohol consumption, high carb consumption, stress? Dehydration?
Anxiety exasperating the symptoms?
Look also into possible post-sunstroke complications, such as myocardia leading to arrhythmias, kidney involvement, destruction of muscle fibers leading to rhabdomyolosis etc.
A small percentage of people who suffer a sunstroke,
have permanent CNS damage.
One more thing to note:
Beware of the possible damage from exposure to the sun
in Australia due to the hole in the ozone layer there.
IDN if related, but just exercise extra caution.
Cheers Mate!

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