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Do I have anxiety disorder?

Do i have anxiety disorder?
For about one month now I have been feeling tired and like i am drunk all the time. It all started a day after a big night of drinking. Now the feeling went away for about a day but then immediately returned and has not gone away since. Now I have noticed my tonsils are huge and even when I get a good night sleep I feel unrefreshed. I feel dizzy when I sit up after lying or sitting down for awhile and I have not been myself what so ever. I get really angry and annoyed because of this. I have trouble concentrating and vision problems with and without glasses on (btw my prescription is fine) Now I have gone to the doctor twice and they are like why are you here and I try and explain to them why but all they can say is get some sleep. Now I had a blood test and it shows I had a case of mono or a mono like thing in the past. Now another weird thing that is going on if this helps is that I can not seemed to be awoken by coffee or any real energy booster but they meerely enhance the fatigue. But the main thing that I am worried about is that I think I have what is called brain fog and fatigue and these two things really make me feel unlike myself and disconnected from reality. I have explained everything to you and now I ask do you know what could be wrong with me? Any help is much appreciated as my only goal in the past month has been riding my body of this problem. Finally I believe this is anxiety because for the past few years I have had intense OCD like really bad. But anyway is this solely anxiety and what should i do about it thanks?
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Hello and welcome!

For one, it sounds like you've ruled out any kind of medical problem ith your doctor, so that's good..that's always the most logical starting place.

It sounds like you may be suffering from "derealization".  DR and DP (depersonalization) are two common side effects of anxiety.  If you search for DR here, you'll find a lot of info about it.  The good thing is...while it is annoying and scary, it is harmless.

The best way to "fix" this is it to address any possible anxiety you might have.  Ask your doc for a referral to a psychiatrist, who can start by evaluating you and coming up with a proper diagnosis.  From there, he can discuss treatment options with you.

Also, you say you have OCD...has that been diagnosed?  What are your compulsions?  Have you seen a psych about that?  If not, you need to address that, and that is likely where these new symptoms are coming from.  Untreated OCD will leave you with a lot of anxiety.

Best of luck...update us!
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It does not sound like this is solely anxiety. I would get some more blood tests...by the symptoms you described it sounds like there could be definately something else going on with you. Get your thyroid checked, check again for mono- cause actually this would cause all your symptoms, and make sure all of your viatmins are in check with a blood test. Start here...if your dr. isn't taking you seriously and keeps telling you to get more sleep then you need to get a 2nd opinion. Good luck to you!
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