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Do i have anxiety?

Everytime when i had to get up in class i couldnt barely talk, shaking, couldnt breathe, questioned everything, couldnt think straight, forgot what i was gonna say, etc and its still the same in some ways its always triggered like when i have to ge in fromt of people, have to talk to people, walking down crowded halls, etc and it worries me cause idk if its anxiety or if its something worse what is it?
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100% anxiety. Everyone has their triggers, some have none at all. Yours just has to do with being around certain people or certain situations. Be happy that yours is just in tense/stressful situations! Some people have those symptoms you mentioned all day long for no apparent reason.
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Public speaking is the most common phobia.  You can try to deal with it either by seeking anxiety therapy or you can try a speechmaking class, like toastmasters, that might help you get used to and over this fear.
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