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Do you have generalized anxiety or a specific anxiety?

I was just curious about generalized anxiety vs. anxiety over a specific thing.  For me, I dont have generalized anxiety, I have a specific anxiety of throwing up (emetophobia).  I wonder which is more "popular"...generalized or specialized?
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I think I have specific anxiety..I have an intense fear of death..this plays out in my health anxiety and also in my fear of dying in a disaster
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Is it possible to have both?  or for one to turn into another?  I believe I was diagnosed with general anxiety a few years ago - but it sure seems more specific now.  Health anxiety is my main problem.
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I think its definitly possible for one to turn into another. For me it started with fear of vomitting, then health issues, and now more general. Still mainly vomitting tough. Im acyually surprised by the poll, ive always thought general anxiety is way more common than specifics!
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