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Doctor apt tomorrow.. Nervous

Ok, so I've been having allot of issues with anxiety and depression lately. I finally got the courage to call and set up an appointment with a doctor that I was referred to by my mothers friend. They asked me what my visit was pertaining to.. I couldn't tell them that it was due to anxiety and depression. I know, my problems aren't that rare, but I was worried that the lady on the phone would think I was crazy or whiny. So I just told them I needed a check-up.

I'm worried that I wont be able to tell the doctor about my problems... It was hard enough to make the phone call. The lady was asking me questions and I wasn't really able to respond with the answers that I wanted to..So I ended up just scheduling a physical.

I don't know exactly what I'm looking for by posting this.. Maybe just reassurance. Possibly someone else has had similar problems and has tips on how to bring up these issues? I find it EXTREMELY hard to tell anyone my problems. I always assume they'll think I'm crazy or weak. How am I supposed to bring up the fact that I'm having mental issues? This is my first time going to this doctor as well. I have problems talking to people I don't know, much less telling them personal information. Could I possibly make a list of problems that I'm having and just give that to him? I think I may be able to do that..

Perhaps I'm just being silly.. But I don't know how to face it.

Any advice?
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Making a list of your symptoms and concerns is an excellent idea. I often recommend that people keep journals of their moods, sleep patterns, diet, etc., so that they can share that information with their doctor.

Regardless of how you feel though, it's imperative to be brutely honest about what's been going on. And, especially tell him/her about your alcohol and drug use, if applicable.

Only then, will he/she be able to properly evaluate you and prescribe medication, if necessary or another course of action.

The fear your feeling is part of your anxiety and is absolutely normal(we've all experienced it).  Working through it is the hard part.

Before your appointment, exercise, a well balanced diet(lay off the caffiene), and adequate sleep may help.

Hope this helps.

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I think you will find that a lot of people kept anxiety / panic attacks secret when it first hit home. I didn't raise the subject here at home for a whole year. Although going out was slowly wearing me out. Then, only after a year, I felt I had to tell someone. I think there is a stigma attached to the word ' mental ' as far as mental health goes. But don't be afraid to be open about it. The longer you remain silent the deeper / worser it will get. The help is there in the here and now. You could be back to yourself in no time at all. If you don't tell anybody it may dig in much deeper and become a very long term problem for you. So that to me would be a good enough reason to be honest. Get help early. As soon as you can. Keep us posted on how you get on and good luck to you. Remember there are millions out there in the same boat.
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A good doctor will realise what is going on. If you list your symptoms that will immediately give them a clue. I understand pulling out a piece of paper with symptoms is one of the things they teach them during training is a sign the person is struggling with a non-organic illness.

Good for you, getting some help.
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Thanks for the great replies.. Seriously.

I've had these problems for quite a while, well the anxiety has never been so bad, but depression has been in my life since childhood. I never really sought out help, I more or less just thought I was being irrational and weak. But now that I've been forced into adulthood, the problems are causing damage to my life.. So I think it needs to be done.

I think the list of symptoms will work.. I was just a little worried that it would seem unusual.

Will he suggest going to a psychologist? I believe it will help.. But I feel kind of awkward asking.

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Also one more question.
They told me they are going to run blood work.. Do they automatically check for HIV? I've been tested a few times before, but came up negative.. I'm not so sure though. I worry about it.. probably irrationally since I've been with the same person, and I've been tested since we've been together.
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Make sure you ask for an HIV scan or it will not be done.

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Ok, I'm about to leave for the doctor..
Didn't get much sleep last night, maybe 2 hours.
Doubting I will be able to tell the doctor what's wrong.
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Just got back from the doctor.. Wasn't really able to fully explain what's going on with me, but it was apparent to him that I'm having issues. He prescribed me Cymbalta for depression and Ambien to help me sleep at night. I'm hoping the medication will help. I also asked him to refer me to a psychologist, which he did. I'm being optimistic. Thanks for the comments.
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