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Does Klonopin cause weight gain?

I posted this under another topic on Klonopin but thought I'd start a thread all its own.  I take Xanax and have thought about trying Klonopin since it's longer acting and to help me get off Xanax.  I have read that Stevie Nicks had a really bad time with Klonopin and she said it caused her major weight gain.  This CANNOT happen to me.  Is it true Klonopin causes weight gain?  Anyone experience this?
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Thanks for the advice.  I have been taking Xanax for 3 years now.  I take .25 mg in the morning and .25 at night.  This is basically just to stave off withdrawals, like you said.  Every time I try to cut down, I start having them and have to go back to my original dose.  I would LOVE to get off benzos and may try to do so using some other drug, I just don't want to risk weight gain.
Thanks again!
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I have been taking xanax for a month now for sleep only. I started with 1mg per night -now it takes 6mgs for me to sleep . I am going thru menopause with sever vaginal burning and dryness. My doctor put me on premarin cream but it's not working. I am in constant pain and can hardly function. The only relief i get is when i sleep. What should i do ???
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Does Klonipin make you age faster due to the free radical connection it has ?
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Where did you everhere of such a bizarre thing? It better not.
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I read this recently on the Internet when I was prescribed Klonopin . I also read more discouraging facts about it , such as the superoxide connection it has , which may or may not be dangerous . I will look it up again later as I cannot tonight . I will post the site for you to look at and you can read this for yourself . It contains a lot of hard to understand information unless you are familiar with what you are reading about . I have  been taking this type drug along with anti-depressants for 20 years and have studied to the point I can understand it pretty well . However, I will let you decide ..
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My Doctor has me on 2MG tabs of Klonopin......one at bedtime.  I am also taking Xanax .5 MG prn.  Usually never take more than 2 a day........sometimes if I wake up too early and can't go back to sleep I take a Xanax....otherwise usually just one a day.  I can't shake this "drugged" feeling that I have though........and wonder if I am just plain over medicated.  I have no energy and have gained 10 lbs in the last year and a half.  Can I just stop taking it?  Or do I need to taper off. The Klonopin is prescribed for "sleep".  The Xanax for a Diagnosed Panic Disorder.
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