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Does Klonopin cause weight gain?

I posted this under another topic on Klonopin but thought I'd start a thread all its own.  I take Xanax and have thought about trying Klonopin since it's longer acting and to help me get off Xanax.  I have read that Stevie Nicks had a really bad time with Klonopin and she said it caused her major weight gain.  This CANNOT happen to me.  Is it true Klonopin causes weight gain?  Anyone experience this?
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Thanks for the advice.  I have been taking Xanax for 3 years now.  I take .25 mg in the morning and .25 at night.  This is basically just to stave off withdrawals, like you said.  Every time I try to cut down, I start having them and have to go back to my original dose.  I would LOVE to get off benzos and may try to do so using some other drug, I just don't want to risk weight gain.
Thanks again!
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I have been taking xanax for a month now for sleep only. I started with 1mg per night -now it takes 6mgs for me to sleep . I am going thru menopause with sever vaginal burning and dryness. My doctor put me on premarin cream but it's not working. I am in constant pain and can hardly function. The only relief i get is when i sleep. What should i do ???
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Does Klonipin make you age faster due to the free radical connection it has ?
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Where did you everhere of such a bizarre thing? It better not.
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I read this recently on the Internet when I was prescribed Klonopin . I also read more discouraging facts about it , such as the superoxide connection it has , which may or may not be dangerous . I will look it up again later as I cannot tonight . I will post the site for you to look at and you can read this for yourself . It contains a lot of hard to understand information unless you are familiar with what you are reading about . I have  been taking this type drug along with anti-depressants for 20 years and have studied to the point I can understand it pretty well . However, I will let you decide ..
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My Doctor has me on 2MG tabs of Klonopin......one at bedtime.  I am also taking Xanax .5 MG prn.  Usually never take more than 2 a day........sometimes if I wake up too early and can't go back to sleep I take a Xanax....otherwise usually just one a day.  I can't shake this "drugged" feeling that I have though........and wonder if I am just plain over medicated.  I have no energy and have gained 10 lbs in the last year and a half.  Can I just stop taking it?  Or do I need to taper off. The Klonopin is prescribed for "sleep".  The Xanax for a Diagnosed Panic Disorder.
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Ryan,  my dr. has just prescribed .5 mg of Klonopin 2x per day to manage my generalized anxiety.  I don't have panic attacks.  So your comments above make it sound like Klonopin may not be the drug for me since it is helpful in managing panic attacks.   What other drug would you suggest for just a a generalized sense of stress and anxiety?  Thank you for all your time spent helping us here on this board.  It is much appreciated.  
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Thanks Ryan.  I have been taking .25 of Klonopin 2x per day for a while.  It didn't seem to be helping.  So I've just asked the dr. to up the dose (per a post that you made about it).  I've been on the .5 mg 2x per day for about a week now.  Since I've been on the drug for a while at the lower dosage,  does your advice about giving it a month at this new dosage still stand?

Also, I posted in the OCD forum about my trichotillomania (hair pulling) that I had as a pre-teen through my 20's.  I've recently started to wonder if my life long anxiety and mild depression (on occasion) could be related to a chemical imbalance in my brain that might have caused the trichotillomania years ago also.  Do you have any feedback on this?   I sometimes wonder if I should be on an anti-depressant but my MD told me he would advise against it since the drug may have long term side effects that we don't even know about now.  Do some anti-depressants have anti anxiety properties too?  The anxiety is my main issue, but have a bout of mild depression almost every year.  Thank you again for your time and advice.  
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I gained alot of weight while on Klonopin, I gained around 30-40 pounds.  But once I stopped using Klonopin, I'm back down to my normal weight, no exercise.

But everyone's system reacts differently to medication, many have taken Klonopin and hardly gained weight or gained non at all.  I wasn't one of the lucky ones.  



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Nevermind, someone resurrected an old thread.  
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I have been on a Generic for Klonopin for years and years.  Although this is embarrasing subject I want to now if my Meds could be causing some other issues for me. I just saw my gyno and have vag dryness.  He was positive my thyroid was not functioning right and had it tested.  The results we're normal.  I am 46 years old and the posiblility of Pre-Menopause is there, but I started thinking maybe it's one of my Meds.  I have had such a dry mouth for years and years I keep water next to the bed and drink several times a night, even though it wakes me up, I'm just incrediably thirsty all the time.  If I don't drink alot of water during the day and or night I get kidney pain-bad and fast.  Once i drink alot of water fast pain will subside within 15 minutes... If not I'm down and drinking lots of Cranberry Juice and Water until Pain is gone.  Sometimes that doesn't work and I end up with an infection.  Since seeing Gyno I looked up my symptoms and it does match up with another Auto Immune disease but I can't seem to wonder if all my dryness in my entire body is from my Klonopin ?  I also take Cymbalta, Soma and Darvocet.  I was on Celebrex for years, and miss it dearly as it was the one medication that helped with my stiffness which then lessoned my Pain, working better then actual Pain Meds for me.
I'm wondering about my body's dryness and if I should go off of this Medication too?
thanks cathy~
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I am bipolar and was prescribed Klonopin for my panic attacks and to help me sleep at night because my bipolar meds make my mind race at night. I used to be a cutter (before i even knew that people were doing it for attention or to be gothic and whatever) but I stopped that a couple of years ago but I have found that when I started taking Klonopin I started cutting again and I was wondering if that would even have a connection. I know I am crazy but I didn't have the impulse to do it for a long time and then after about two months of adding klonopin i just do it after my klonopin kicks in and i dont know why.
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I have been taking Klonpin for years. 1 three times a day, although I lowered it to two a day. I am also on Lexapro once a day in the morning and a Trazadone at night. I had trouble with my mind racing. I weigh the most now I ever did. Am I over medicated. I would like to quit Lexapro I will talk to my doctor. Which medicine most likely causes weight gain? The Lexapro or the klonopin? Diana
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I also wondered if these medications can cause sexual problems such as lack of feeling?
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I have been taking Klonopin for over 4 years and I only loose weight, maybe because I am not eating right. It used to work and now it does not work, I might be maybe too stressed lately so maybe that's why. I just wanted to know, what should I do to stop this panic attacks everyday, it is killing me and sometimes I have to rely on alcohol to get rid of it.
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Klonopin has always made me gain weight. I've been off and on it for many, many years.

It seems the reason for gaining weight for me was that it elevated my prolactin to astronomical levels - my Testosterone went down, and my Estrogen went up - hence my spare tire and mood swings...
(the person about mentioning seeing an endo would is wise)

I tried to counter this with magnesium, zinc and B6 but it wasn't strong enough....

Then one day i decided to quit caffenine (if you drink it - its worth a shot), to try to control my anxiety - i felt like total A$$ for 2 weeks - then felt better than ever - T levels went up - Estrogen, prolactin, and anxiety went down...(Females need optimum levels of Testosterone too - female levels)

If you get extremely depressed about 3-4 days after stopping caffeine - you should fare well in controlling your anxitey and getting back to normal in 2-3 weeks...

Might be worth a try...
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I`ve been on Xanax 1 mg 4 times a day for 12 years for Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia, my doctor put me on valium 5 mg`s yesterday to replace the Xanax as I want to get off them but I feel really bad,eg, crawling scalp, shakes, sweating and cold shivers, electric shocks up my legs when i stand up and very unsteady on my feet, has my doctor given me the wrong dose? he told me tapering off Xanax is a waste of time, what should I do ? I feel just awful and have a 5 month old baby to look after please give advice Tamara45
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a friend of mine said klonopin made him hungry. gave him the munchies. i never really noticed that kind of reaction. every person is different but i looked into it and read that yes it can cause abnormal/increased hunger. so i guess you could gain weight from it if you live a very sedentary lifestyle and let those cravings get to you.
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My doc has had me on bupropion for depression and lorazepam for anxiety for many years. Recently he has tried to switch me from lorazepam to clonipin due to the memory loss association with lorazepam. Is there any benefit with memory retention using clonopin over lorazepam? Trying to make the switch is nearly impossible do to   the long term use (addiction) of lorazepam. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
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ive been on anti depressants for over 8 years now and i was on xanax for quite sometime and eventually starting having seizures if i stopped taking it for a few days so my doctor switched me over to klonopin, 1mg 3x a day and it doesnt have the instant strong calming effect, but it does help with panic attacks and extreme anxiety. as far as weight gain...i notice that when i take the pill, i become hungry and when im anxious i cant get anything down..so for those of you who eat little because you are anxious and cant eat a full meal and then you suddenly can when you take klonopin...is the only reason you would gain weight (my doctor agrees), so its important you take it regularly as perscribed so your diet can be regular...dont wait to take it or stop taking it because when you do and you anxiousness calms down you will start eating more cause you are more hungry....so just keep up with the perscribed amt of klonopin and eat small portions reguarly and dont binge when you take it and stop eating when you dont and your weight maybe will increase by 3-4 pounds but if you take it the right way...your weight should not be an issue. as far as the stevie nicks comment, she admitted she abused klonopin after she stopped her cocaine addiction and she would go weeks without it and her nerves didnt allow her to eat normally and then she would binge on klonopin and then binge eat following her overuse of the benzo. so in sum, just take it 2-3 times a day and make your perscription last, and you will find a normal diet for you....weight gain should not be a reason to not try klonopin if youre on xanax now...xanax can be a great medication, but after so many years of experience, it can become addicting and dangerous..so klonopin is the smart choice when you are switching. if you do gain weight that is not suitable for your lifestyle, then talk to your doctor, but worrying about weight gain should not be a reason not to try what could end up being the right pill and medication balance for you..
hope that helps for anyone who was concerned about that.
good luck, write back and let me know if my thoughts or advice helped or if it didnt. id love to know what others experience during the switch or after they stop xanax and go on to klonopin...feel free to ask me any questions. i have lots of experience with anti-depressant drugs as well as mood stabilizers and anxiety medications. trust me i tried over 30 different medications until i found the right balance for me and im finally at a place where im happy with my weight and medication balance.

e-mail is daynabrown.***@****
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I did switch from Xanax to Klonopin and now 6 months later I am 28 pounds overweight I didn't put two and two together until now :( trying to stop Klonopin is another challenge I have massive headaches and debilitating pain all over my body! stay clear from Klonopin.

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I have taken Klonopin for years and never noticed a weight gain, because I am overweight and constantly fluctuating.  I quit taking it a year ago becuase we are trying to conceive.  I did't notice a weight loss, however again, I am very overweight and have a constant struggle with my weight.  I have managed to stay right were I am in my weight lately though....and the past 4 nights I have taken klonopin I have gained 8 pounds in those 4 days.  A coworker said the exact same thing but I thought she was nuts.  I never would have attributed this weight gain over the last 4 days to Klonopin had she not said that because that could easilty be water weight at my size.  Just a little info. for you.  Either way...any weight gain side effects would eventually subside...I would do research more on the question of whether or not you would be able to manage your weight and lose once the initial gain is done and your system is "used" to the drug.  I will say...its good stuff.  I haven't slept in the past year since I went off it (1 mg. at night) and when I do take it, I sleep all night straight...no tossing.  It doesn't knock you out ....it just calms so you can stay asleep and not toss.  But not if you are really severe.
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Nope, I lost weight on K. But allot of that is due to the withdrawal anxiety between dosages and not being hungry. Although I am on a relative low dosage of .125 twice a day totaling .25

Paxil on the other hand made me gain 10bs a year every year unti quitting.
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hi, i have been on xaxax for almost 8 years, it sounds like you are becoming addicted to it, or have become addicted, i would definately let my dr. know there is something they can put you on for sleep there are sleeping pills, but can also be addicting, i know how you feel about the burning and stuff, but do tell you dr. everything , ok?? DB
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