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Does Lexapro actually work for anxiety?

Okay, sleepless in Ohio.. :(.. lol
My doctor gave me Lexapro a while back, and I was wondering if I should take it for the anxiety? Day 1 after flushing meds in toilet.. lol
Thanks guys!
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Well, it is supposed to treat major depressive disorders, and I guess it also is supposed to help with anxiety as well.

Go to www.Lexapro.com.

I take Zoloft now, but I also had to add Xanax to the plate because it wasn't doing jack for my anxiety. But if Lexapro works for both then maybe it's a keeper. : )
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I heard that, too.. My doc, however, told me to take the Lexapro at night, which I did just a little bit ago, because it'll help me sleep.. hmm.. we shall only find out! lol
I checked out lexapro.com earlier this evening and it gave me some good info, however it did state that there may be some insomnia involved, in frequent cases.. yada yada.. I just wanna be able to sleep without my legs running off the bed and my mind racing 90 mls. an hour! lol
We'll see how it goes tonight, after taking the Lexapro.. :D
Thanks for your response! Blessings!
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Oh man I hate the insomnia. If anyone finds an SSRI/MAOI that treats anxiety AND will let me get some Zzz's....I would be one happy chickee.

Good luck with the sleep! : )
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I had a dr. a few years ago prescribed Wellbutrin for anxiety.  He was supposedly a very smart dr....it did not work for me.  In fact, wellbutrin says on the label that it can CAUSE anxiety.  Go figure.    But...maybe Wellbutrin would work for some people.
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If you have troubles sleeping tonight I have worked for MD's that recommend benadryl saying it's not habit forming.
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lexapro will help slightly with the anxiety,not like a xanax will. Its probably not gonna put you to sleep. It does also help with the depression. Whatever you do if you take it for more than a week do not stop taking it c/t. You have to taper off of it.
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I have taken Lexapro for years.  It does help with anxiety and depression but it also takes a while to build up in your system and is not a short-term panacea.  It is also not strong enough for the acute anxiety you expereince getting off the opiates. You need Klonopin or Valium, something along those lines.
How long did it take to build up .  I have been on 20 mugs for 5 weeks and am feeling not much relief in anxiety
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that's what I figured too.. I couldn't get myself to sleep last night, sooo.. I'm taking some benadryl tonight.. lol
the only thing I'm worried about is the restless legs.. Sleep, I guess, can wait.. I'll get back in my 'sleep' mode sometime or another..
The anxiety.. well- that'll pass too..
Thanks so much for your responses.. I really appreciate it.. big time!
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For me lexapro is a life savior...I have been on it for almost 3 yrs...It ake 10 mgs at the same time every nite...I have tried every SSRI i think they make and that is the only one that worked for me..
I do think that is why i did't go through so much of the mental part when i quit too, but like i said, that is just me...
good luck
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hi i just read a response that u sent about lexapro.few questions my partner has that and was using it to treat his severe depression he only took it 4 about 3 wks he was also using herion while trying out lexapro.when did it start to work for you? and why is it that you take it ? your response struck a cord with me like you he has been prescribed everything under the sun.if you could take the time out to respond id be really gratefull thanks
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If you look at other forums like these and see the withdrawls that Lexapro causes once you go off of them. It is prettty scary. My doc gave me a scription for those along with a few free packets i looked it up and gave them back. Brain shivers, electric shocks through the body and the list goes on...

Also one thing I am having a hard time understanding is Xanax being prescribed to someone that abuses drugs. If you do research on Xanax it is habit forming you need more of it after a period of time for your body to react to it. When i was abusing drugs we were taking xanax all the time with the vicoden. Xanax is NOW one of the most abused drugs.. Look it up  I found this information on Xanax's website. The withdrawls from Xanax is pretty bad as well.

There has got to be something else or a better solution than these crazy drugs that mess with our brain like this. I don't know i hope this helps you a little. I found those drugs to be pretty scary.
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I think I'm going to stick with more Melatonin.. :D
I heard that a muscle relaxer would help too, but I"m not even attempting it! lol
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Look at the products offered by VAXA. I had issues with depression, that I thought might be caused by my back pain and sought help. The Dr said that from testing I showed signs of ADD and prescribed Adderall. I know that I also have issues with anxiety and the Adderall helped but the products from VAXA helped just as well and are natural.
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Lexapro takes at least three weeks to get your system. One pill won't do a darn thing.
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I know this may sound really stupid.. but what is VAXA? lol.. I'm sorry, but I'm just slightly stupid today..
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Hey gal... I've been out of town for a few days and havn't checked online for any messages but thought about you often and wondered how you were doing I am glad to hear about the flushing of the meds... I ain't sure about the lexapro either... I've tried to read everyones response but, dont really have time too... I've been told two different things and I'm curious of your opinion... 1) that it takes lexapro several weeks to become effective ( like zoloft, etc.) 2) that is works immediately for anxiety and restlessness??? What have you been able to tell?
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Since I was sitting here killin time I did read the other posts and realize now that Lexapro is no one pill wonder! Thats what I thought. It seems ironic that almost every single person on in this forum with some sort of drug abuse problem also has high anxiety levels. Has this issue occurred to anyone else. It's not just the d/ts either... I've talked to several people on here and they have had severe anxiety issues way before the drug issues. Almost as is the drug addiction was to help cure the anxiety? There has got to be some medication out there that can be prescribed in combination with counseling for this problem... it is my guess that better of 70 percent of americans suffer from anxiety and have no treatment or options for it, such as no medical insurance and etc. This is truly alarming guys.
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go to vaxa.com I am not trying to push their products, but they work for me.
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I heard that Cymbalta is for acute anxiety disorder, but I'm not quite sure what the effects would be coming off of addictive meds. I DO know this, though, when I took Cymbalta, it made me soo depressed, even MORE so than what I was before.. I've got anxiety issues to begin with, but never really had depression issues..
I've been the birth control method called Yaz for some time now, seems that it's helped in some ways, but also seems to be making me crazy!
I've taken lexapro before and it helped so much it's unbelievable! It only takes one pill, the FIRST pill, to start showing immediate effects, but it does take about 6-8 weeks to actually start changing your moods in a way that is stable.. I used it short term, for like 2 weeks about 3 months ago, but stopped taking it because I didn't think I needed it anymore- I didn't experience any withdrawals from stopping it altogether, either.. not sure if it was in my system enough for my body to actually depend on it, though either..
I'm taking some benadryl tonight though.. hehe.. if that doesn't work, I'll just wait it out... things like this pass! :D
Love you all! and thanks so much!
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Hey, I was going to metion the Cymbalta, but like you I'm not sure of the side effects and such, but it is supposed to help with depression, and the physcial pain suffered from depression. Look it up, it may be what you need. Also, I take Excedrin PM to help me sleep, it is the only thing over the counter that helps, for me. It may be addictive, but it hasn't been for me, I just take it when I need to.

I don't know what you are trying to come off of, but my DOC has been methadone, and I have read, and seen on the news many cases where people who have mixed methadone and Lexapro, even just in small doses, have died from it, so I believe that is a toxic combo. I have samples of Lexapro from my doctor, but I refuse to touch them.

Check out the Cymbalta thing, but if it is anxiety you need relief of, I would recommend Valium. Klonipin has a 35hr half life, and is just as addictive as any opiates. I know this by my own use (though short) and my mom has been a prisoner to it for 12 years. She will be on it for life. Feel free to send me a private message, or not, but hope I could be of some help.

Oh, one more thing, try drinking a caffiene-free herbal type tea to help you sleep. Green tea is wonderful, but has some caffiene. I personally like a vanilla, almond flavored tea, or apple cinnamon. It truelly relaxes you. Okay I have wrote too much. Sorry.
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lol... it's okay, actually all advice is quite helpful to me right now- I think I'm gonna try the Benadryl tonight, then see how it goes.. wish me luck!
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hey alli,

i didn't read thru everyone's responses (since there's a ton)...so sorry if i'm being repetitive.  i'm on lexapro and don't think it helps with anxiety.  i know you mentioned melotonin...did that work at all?

my doctor gave me trazodone for sleeping - it's an antidepressant but often causes drowsiness.  it knocks me out in less than an hour (usually less than 30 minutes actually).

might give that a try.  it's rather inexpensive if you have insurance.  just a thought!  good luck :)
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hmmm.. I heard that Trazadone works wonders, too.. my mother was on it.. worked miracles for her.. and she had so much anxiety!
I bought the Excedrin PM and the Hyland's Restful legs tonight.. hoping it'll work! lol
Thanks alot! I'll definitely keep that in mind though!
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Let me or us know how you did. I hope some of our advice will do something to help you.

Good Night and God Bless.....................Sam
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