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Does Serelax work?

Suffering from depression, anxiety & worry. I'm 46, in excellent physical health, mental health eating me up!!! I've tried Lexapro. Thought i was dying, it was torture. Then i went cold turkey getting off of it. Not a good idea. Looking for something non addicting and without side effects. Found Serelax and would like to here thoughts from users. Thanks!
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Hi Duke, I did extensive research on Serelax and was going to try it for anxiety, but after reading posts by Paxiled, I decided against it for now, read her posts it should help you decide.
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Thank you for the reply, anxiety's been building, didn't think anyone cared.

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I forgot to add to consult your doctor if you are taking any medications because not because it's natural means it can't interact with other medications.

All the supplements/medication included above can be bought at your local food supplements store.
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Thanks M4,

Good sound advice.

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After serelax not working,  there return policy is trash.  They make you certify the return package and insure it.  Making your return useless.  Plus they keep the 8 bucks for shipping.  So it's a LIE...  Beware of these harsh and evil crooks.  Plus there reviews are fake!  Do your homework folks.  Good luck and if you still suffer from anxiety,  check food intolerance and food allergies.  In a study in Eroupe they found about 90 percent of anxiety cases are food intolerance provoked.  Be blessed...
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