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Does anxiety cause tingling in the whole body

Last July I had tingling itching creeping sensation pins and needles sensation in my whole body even my head and face, doctor said its form of stress I am worried it sould be multiple sclirosis symptoms becasue I read about it a lot, the symtoms subsided for 8 months now I have again for month and half already and doctor still say same thing its stress related I am not too convinced of that becasue I am not that stressed any advise does any one has the same symptoms thank you
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i do feel the same way for the past 6 mnths...
still struggling to get rid of those weird symptoms...

Comparing my sensations to a sleepy foot, that would be like walking on rocks the extreme feeling , but, the sensation I am having is a finer sensation like walking on a sandy beach. This sensation of tingling is on every inch of my skin surface, from my scalp to the soles of my feet. I've had it for about a year now. I've tried explaining it to my doctor but no specific diagnosis. I've had a MRI and a CT scan negative results. I'm not in any pain or numbness. I still have all feelings and use of all body parts. I have no anxiety, worries of any kind. If I trace a line anywhere on the surface of my skin I can feel the sensation trail behind my finger in a kind of delay sensation. What is it? I wish I knew.
I have a similar problem like yours I have those sensations only in my feet and hands. My doctor believes its caused by high blood clotting factor since I have type O blood. He believes is a circulation problem. I also have reverberations in my vision as well. I wish I had an answer as well. I know acupuncture has helped me a bit from time to time with this sort of thing
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i'm 23 yrs old, an for the past 9 months now i have been dealing with tingling sensation in my lower back which progresses throughout my whole body at times, i'm not sick or anything, along with the tingling sensation i sumtimes have alot of pain in my lower back area. i don't know wut it could be, any one else every experience these types of symptons, an if so send me a lil feed bak please...much appreciated.. Nick
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i have had tingling that migrates around my body now for almost a month, at times its stronger and other times weaker, often concentrated on the left side but comes in waves in other places, my head right arm and leg. metallic taste in left side of my mouth lately--
the doctor has prescribed antidepressants and sleeping pills, attributing this all to anxiety, i also have a hard time believing this and am scheduling an mri as soon as possible- i also find i'm very sensitive to hot and cold temp changes-just had a woosh of tingling on top of my head while writing this, thought i'd contribute cause i've been reading allot here lately.
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Has anything changed in your life or caused you stress lately?
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For the past month I've had tingling numbness, shortness of breath and pains in my chest. I've seen a doctor and he said it's stress. But still feeling the fact I've been through a Axniety attack before and knew I could shake the feeling. But it's been a month and still feel the same way. I have my good and bad days but just wish to feel normal. I go for a cardiac stress test next month and hope everything goes back to normal. I feel a lot better when I sleep but when I wake up and I'm up for hours I start feeling the same way.
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hey nash, i am looking up similar information about tingling sensations. At night when i sleep too late and maybe also because sometimes i dont eat dinner some days, i try to sleep and i will be lying down, then all of a sudden i get this crazy creeping feeling that tingles all over my entire body. It's a hot, prickly feeling that feels similar to when a part of your body falls asleep from being in one position for too long(lack of blood circulation). But this feeling makes you want to move while the cut circulation feeling makes you want to be still until it leaves. It's so bad that i have to move, I have no choice but to move. i tried to ignore it and deal with the tingling, trying my hardest not to move, but even then, my hands will shake because of the super strong prickly tingling. so it keeps me up at night sometimes, i always end up getting up and walking around for a little while until the feeling goes away. it takes maybe 30 minutes to go away, then i go back to sleep. I cant afford a doctor right now so i don't know what it could be. I think i have anxiety and add, but im not sure. The feeling does come in stressful nights though, so it might be anxiety, i have no clue.
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I just started feeling this way today, I do suffer from anxiety, but I was playihg a game on my computer when i got this pressure in the left temple, sick to my stomach, then this tingling through out my body down my legs, I started burping while wanting to cry at the same time, felt some heavyness in my chest, it scared me. Does anyone know what this is? Has anyone been to a doctor to find out?
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It seems many of us here have the tingling. Just a few days ago I had a major anxiety attack that turned into being called a seizure, which I don't think it was; I just totally froze, became rigid. I called the paramedics who took me to the hospital where I had lots of tests, including MRI, EEG, CAT scan. All came back normal.

I guess what I want to say is that what started it all, and usually does, was the tingling, then creepy muscle contractions everywhere that cause me to flip out.

Did you have the tests done?
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If it comes and goes but happens during stress it's possible that its carbon dioxide levels . When you become stressed, your body prepares you for whatever your up against by increasing your heart rate and breathing. The problem is, is that we don't notice how fast our heart is going and the breathing with it. Your oxygen levels go up in your blood and your CO2 levels drop causing an imbalance that needs to be fixed (for reasons that you need to take classes to fully understand) so your body will start to contract muscles to use up that oxygen which will also cause heart palpitations because your heart will contract harder too, to use up that excess oxygen. This creates cramping and constricting your arteries/veins, cutting off blood. Problem is, that we think it's a heart problem so we breath deeper and faster because we think we're not getting enough oxygen. It's fine to move around if your not having severe symptoms just keep your breathing as slow as you can. WARNING THOUGH, you will drop your BP from this quickly meaning don't be getting up fast or anything since your body may not compensate in time, so you pass out.

Recopied and slightly modified from message to a member.
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It seems u have been in my head! Lol...i agree with you, we hold our breath when we think, our muscles wanna move, the nerves go into over drive.
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I have suffered from Severe Anxiety disorder since I was very young. Ive seen Psychologist to help  me understand the disorder but 3 weeks ago i started feeling this Buzzing, burning, Creepy, tingling sensation over my entire body... Night times are THE worst but if I can get to sleep it goes away until im conscious again it comes back. I started to flip out yesterday as I was reading about what cause's this, and like yourselves MS was a disease with these symptoms. My mums cousin had MS so I have booked myself an MRI as its the only way to check and to relieve my anxiety that ive created over convincing myself I have MS. Reading all the above comments it seems we all have two things in common 1. Anxiety 2. Symptomatic Neural pain and muscular pain. But none of us can belive that anxiety could possibly be the cause of SO much physical pain.
to the point that our system completely shuts down, and last of all we end up on the hospital bed or doctors being told we have had a panic attack. I am optimistic glass half full kinda women, I light up a room when im in it with kindness and happiness but im sick to death of all this internal suffering that's going on in my body... who here wants to join forces to beat this disorder cause I sure as hell don't want to spend another moment in this body being anxious and in pain all the time
I've had sever anxiety and panic disorder including depression for 10 years also.. Its horrible a pain no one can see or understand at times. Sometimes I want to rip myself outta my own skin. I've had so many different attacks some I didn't even know was possible until I took many trips to the er. I want to be me again I don't want to feel like this anymore. The fear of  dying all the time or always thinking I'm having a heart attack when my anxiety kicks in full force I could go on. I feel u I don't want to spend the rest of my life feeling this way. I have 4 kids to take care of and having this disorder at times makes things difficult..  
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It is almost refreshing to know I am not alone. Misery loves miserable company, right?. You could have been writing about me. I fit the picture you described and it has been several years. No MS. I found that 50mg of Tramadol usually does the trick. I can never predict when I will have  "an episode." It is not consistent. However, I do have a variety of stresses in my life. I describe the sensation as being stung by bees. Neurologist has no answer. Tells me to do Yoga. It is true that physiology is altered by meditation. I have seen the results while being connected to biofeedback equipment. The idea of hyperventilation baffles me because I don't believe I am, but I surely know the positive effect experienced through deep yoga breathing.
I would love an concrete answer or way to evaluate it.
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I have this too...have had it for a couple years. I KNOW it's because of anxiety. It's a painful tingling sensation all over my body...lasts for a few seconds to maybe a minute. It's something I've learned to live with. I don't have it during the day when I'm active, but when I'm resting in bed or wake up briefly at night and my mind starts to worry...it's like clockwork. I feel the painful tingling wave sweep over me. I hate it and dread it...but what can you do? You just live with it. Going on medication is not what I want b/c then you become dependent and have to endure side effects.
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I have a lot of itchy prickly like feeling on my legs, feet, and right palm for the past two weeks.  All I want to do is itch my body until it stops.  I do have anxiety issues, but I never have experienced this to this degree in which I'm  presently feeling.. I plan on seeing a doctor, but don't feel confident that he or she will be able to give me a solid diagnosis.
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Tingles for most of the day for weeks.Funny how Anxiety likes to put them in my left arm and tighten my jaw.I know its not my heart but!! Tingles are just a reminder that even when my mind feels okay my body has not caught up.The better i ignore the feeling the quicker it will go away.Most of the time it just simply dosent go away quick enough for me to keep looking over the symtoms.One good day goes a long way of reminding me all these feelins are not killing me I am not dying.So many years of thinking the worst over the last 15yrs I have never actully had a heart attact or stroke ext. and I have not died.I started having Anxiety when I was 23 until I 30.Im 40 now and its back.I beat it once and I will do it again.The way I see it people with this issue are not weak and during the corse of some retraining will come out even stronger.
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I've experienced this for about 14 years now thinking I had some sort of parasite, going to doctors who think I'm going crazy, I have severe anxiety and depression and the only way to make this feeling go away not only physically but mentally as well is to stay as busy as possible and disregard any bad thoughts as craziness. Usually after I do that for a while it will go away for a couple weeks, but as soon as I get comfortable something someone says or does something is like a light switch and will bring me right back down to the bottom. This gives me little hope that I will ever be able to overcome my condition and I really only have one way out. I really hope nobody else here feels that way. Good luck.
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Yes it does I had the same symptoms!! It is anxiety and the more you think about it the worse it gets
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