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Does anxiety cause twitching?

Recently, certain spots on my body have been twitching:
- Occasional twitching of a spot on the back of my arm
- Twitching of one spot in my calves (both legs, similar locations)
- Twitching of a spot on my right thigh, right above my kneecap
- Pulsation of my rear muscles (very rapid)

The twitches happens randomly throughout the day (twitching 5 or so times).  Usually when one part twitches and stops, another part of the body follows immediately after.

I also thought it might be worth mentioning that I have a dull ache in the joints of my feet (similar to a constant pressure on the inside of my joints).  It is not painful, but uncomfortable (feeling as if my blood was being cut off).

I was wondering if anxiety may be the cause of this, and if anyone with anxiety experiences similar symptoms?
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I am 44 year old male, have type 2 diabetes and blood pressure. Though both are in control due my medication but off late i am getting these panick attacks in the morning hours before I leave for office. My head becomes heavy and my temples on left and right pain slightly , my chest becomes heavy and my pulse is over 100 most of the times. Forgot to tell you that i am a smoker and drink moderately every day. What can be possibly wrong.
You should make this a separate post instead of piggy-backing on a different post -- I think you'll get more answers that way.  You say you're getting panic attacks, but don't mention being anxious -- you don't mention having severe anxiety or nervousness.  If you're not getting that, how do you know this is a panic attack?  At any rate, with your medical history and the fact you don't seem to take particularly good care of yourself despite having two conditions that are due to not taking particularly good care of yourself, I'd check first to see if this is related to your medical problems.  It does seem that if you don't deal with your diet, the largest cause of both blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, and don't exercise and continue to smoke etc. those two diseases you've mentioned are likely to worsen.
Well to be more precise, My average blood sugar fasting is between 95 to 105 and after breakfast it is generally between 140 to 150. and blood Pressure is 80 and 125 average , pulse rate is between 70 to 80 resting and after morning walk of about 25 minutes is between 95 to 105. Off late yes there has been anxiety rather a fear that has cropped in after having shifted to new apartment. A fear that something might happen while having bath or on my way to office. I have been taking Metxl 25 for BP and Glycomet Trio 1 before breakfast and dinner and after lunch Ziten and after dinner Ramipril.
Can't comment on your medical problems, I don't have any issues like that and am not a doctor.  I do know people with Type 2 diabetes -- my sister-in-law has it -- and what I do know is that if you don't take control of it it will take control of you.  As for the anxiety, as you describe it, you make it sound like something new in your life that has triggered some nervousness.  New things can do this.  That isn't an anxiety problem -- that's a disorder when it's chronic and irrational.  If you're having trouble coping, because it's new and you know the trigger, seeing a psychologist will probably help.  The reason I said it might not be an anxiety attack of the kind we get that brings us here is that you have two health conditions that can trigger anxiety attacks or symptoms that feel like anxiety attacks -- your diabetes, for example, as you know better than I do, can cause lightheadedness and disorientation and even blackouts which can feel like an anxiety attack but are something different.  I can't know which it was.  But if you are feeling unusual anxiety over this move you might well consider therapy.  And if you do that, see if the therapist can help you change your lifestyle so your conditions can be stabilized.  My sister-in-law did not do this and is on 3 insulin shots a day, something a type 2 shouldn't have to do if they take care of themselves.  
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I doubt this is anxiety, though nobody can say for sure.  It sounds like you're sitting in a way that is putting pressure on you, or possibly from too much use of a computer or cell phone which can lead to nerve pressure.  The fact your feet are bothering you seems to confirm this.  Could also be some exercise you're doing, such as running or some other high impact exercise assuming you do anything like that.  Could be lots of things.  Have you consulted a physician?
I had consulted a General Physician and have visited him thrice when i was getting this feeling of nervousness and anxiety my blood pressure was those time between 150-160 and 90-100. also heart rate has been above 100. Last he has told me to consult a Cardiologist.
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Yes, actually the stress associated with anxiety, can cause twitching and "nervous "tics". Visual disturbances are also common.
Well, a person might get a twitch of an eye or something, but unlikely to get them all over the body in different places like this and sore feet as well.  Not that it couldn't happen, I guess anything is possible, but the combination sounds like something postural and pressure caused to me.  That's why I suggested a physician.
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