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Does anxiety give you squeezing chest pain!!

Ive had in the last 4 weeks ..4 ekgs 24 holter echo doppler and a nuclear stress test 3 visits to the er and and i have been under a cardio spec care this friday he saw my nuclear stress.....and offically released me from his care...ive been on ativan for the last 2 weeks cause the er doc said i might have anxiety but since yesterday ive had serious chest tightness...my cholesterol by the way is 125 ldl of 52 ...i quick smoking and im 169 lb and 6'2' what could this be the report said the following:the likelyhood of angiographically significant coronart artery disease is low!!

Somebody help me out im freaking out!
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Yes anxiety can def do this. Did your dr say your chest looked fine?
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If your doctor told you that you are fine, you need to keep telling yourself that you are.  Obsessive thinking is a part of anxiety, along with the fear.  Now that you know you are ok, you need to keep telling yourself you are ok and see a mental health professional who can help you get over these thoughts. :) Good luck!
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yeh he released me from his care so i dont know ...what this izs!
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