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Does anyone else suffer from dabilitating anxiety related (especially) to work?

I am 23 years old and a student. I love school and although sometimes stress and panic over it, I feel confident and can handle it. Home life I can handle too. But when it comes to work, I have only managed to stay in ONE job longer then three months, and I still work there because I am so afraid if I quit I will never be able to work anywhere functionally again.
Every job I have tried I started getting panic attacks and HATED, and would become very depressed and emotional. It consumes all my thoughts and I lose all self confidence.
This has caused me to still live at home, and has stopped me from taking opportunities and doing all these things I want to do. I also worry that once I finally do graduate with a degree, how will I hold a job?

I currently started a job that allows quite a bit of independance (which is really important to me as people being around alot in work makes me panic) with lots of freedom.
But my process is starting again where I obsess over the job, it is ruining my life, and it is now affecting my school and home life. I have missed classes becase I was too exhausted emotionally from work.
I start to dread and obsess over the physical places I have been or have to go to for work. The people, the process, everything.
I thought this would be the start of my new life, but it hasn;t been.
Luckily I refuse to fully let go of my old job, and I am thinking of quitting another job and just staying at the same place I have been.

I am seeing a therapist and am on medications, but I feel like I need to up the dosage.
My therapist thinks I should stick it out, but every aspect of the job (and any job) freaks me out and I become panicked and depressed.

I also have crazy high expectations of myself in the job, and I am extremely emotionally sensitive and once someone is even slightly short with me, I get depressed and emotional and it affects how I view myself.

Sorry so long, but I just want to see if anyone else has ever experienced this, or what people have done to overcome this?
Or even just words of advice, anything.

THank you!
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Which med(s) (and dosages) are you on?

Have you tried compiling a To Do list for the day, and sticking with just what's on the list?  That might help keep you on track.

What anxiety calming techniques are you following (to supplement your med therapy)?
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I am pretty good about making lists and thins like that. As far as calming techniques I've done deep breathing, and "belittling" the job that is could leave any time blah blah blah. I also write down my feelings or quotes that I find would help calm me and refocus me but I still get major anxiety and depression about work. If I think about the locations I'll be at and the people I'll be around I want to run away
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I think you could profit from adding a few tools to your anxiety coping kit.

May I message you with a selection of links to my recent posts containing coping tips?
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