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Does anyone else's anxiousness flare up when they drink alcohol?

It seems like every time that I drink, not at all excessively, maybe 2-3, that that night I have trouble sleeping and I feel like my mind is racing until the morning. Some nights I can finally get to bed but other times I have not slept at all and somehow have to figure out when to gain the sleep back.
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Trouble sleeping is a common issue with alcohol consumption.  They say that most fall to sleep easily but the REM and good for you sleep is disturbed and you are very restless.  Sounds like you are absolutely prone to this and hence, will have to decide if drinking alcohol is worth it.
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First, lost sleep is lost for good.  You can't get it back.  But sleep is a variable thing, different people have different needs and different strength of body.  What might be happening is, you might like the feeling of being a little high so much you really don't want to go to sleep, you want to enjoy it.  I used to be that way when I was a young man and still smoked pot.  Others would be put to sleep but I liked it and didn't want to go to sleep because I was having such a good time.  But when I started getting anxious using it, I stopped and haven't seen the stuff for nearly 40 years now.  When something is no longer fun and you keep doing it, you have to wonder why, but if you're still young, there's no great loss in losing some sleep.  Life isn't all austerity, you gotta enjoy it.  But if you're not enjoying it, don't do it or if you are enjoying it do it less often so you can handle it.  
But your heading is a bit different than the content of your post -- lots of anxiety sufferers, maybe most, get more anxious when they drink.  That doesn't sound exactly like what you're saying though, you're saying your mind is busy and you don't want to go to sleep.  That's not necessarily a bad thing, many a great work of art was created on very little sleep because the mind was at its most creative.  Again, it depends on why you're missing the sleep and if you're missing it because you're having fun or missing it because you're too anxious.  If it's the latter, drinking isn't fun anymore.
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I know what you mean I've been experiencing this since the beginning of this year. I go out and drink if we're chilling outside I get extremely cold and don't feel like doing anything anymore all I wanna do is get to my bed and sleep. But when I rest my head a whole lot of thoughts start racing in my mind. Give it be unwanted existential thoughts or thoughts of what I could've done differently during that night.
Ha, like not drinking.  I have hindsight to say that youth does not have to mean partying and so many get side tracked by it . . . they make a lot of mistakes.  I know I did and wish I hadn't and alcohol certainly is a trigger for big mistake making.  Anyway, thanks for weighing in too .  . . I'm definitely not lecturing so don't take it that way.  Get some rest!
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