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Does anyone ever see static or feel like they're going blind when they have anxiety?

I have been suffering from depression and/or anxiety for the past year now, but mostly anxiety. I tend to get odd physical symptoms that I cannot stop worrying about or noticing. For around 4 months now I've been suffering with tinnitus that seemed to come at a time when my anxiety was at its highest. I now recently have noticed floaters in my eyes when it's sunny outside but because of that I have been almost studying my vision so much that i feel like there is a visual snow or smokiness when i'm anxious or almost all of the time. Does this happen to anyone else? I also sometimes feel like I am sort of in a dream or my reality seems kind of weird or distorted. My counselor thinks I may be experiencing derealization. It almost makes me feel better that there is a term for what i'm possibly experiencing but I worry that I'm going blind and insane all of the time and I'm only 22. Has anyone else had similar experiences as this?
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Tinnitus is an ear injury issue and is not related to anxiety, although it can make people anxious if you think about it. I have it and it is not something I want to think about because it is permanent.
Only your counselor can help you figure if you have floaters or derealization. I am doubting that people can figure if they were going insane so perhaps you are worrying too much. It is best to stick with the one on one that you are getting or find another person, because no one can diagnose you from here.
I'm not necessarily wanting a diagnosis. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced these vision problems with anxiety?
That would just be anecdotal evidence of a theory, and so you wouldn't know if they were correct in their claims or just associating the two from coincidence. Self diagnosis is generally wrong, so not  useful as anecdotal evidence.
Tinnitis can in fact become chronic due to anxiety.  It is not necessarily caused by an injury to the ear.  There are disease states that have tinnitis associated with it, such as Meniere's Ear.  But anxiety sufferers can get a bout or bouts of ringing in the ear from blowing your nose or from just spontaneous pressure.  This goes away but in an anxious person you can focus on it so much that it becomes permanent.  This happened, in fact, to my sister, who suffered from agoraphobia.  My Dad, who had Miniere's Ear, was never bothered by it at all because he did not suffer from anxiety.
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Does headache and nausea ever follow the eye disturbances?
No  headache and nausea don't follow!
Okay, that rules out migraines.
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