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Does anyone have constant short-breathe and anxiety?

Hi everybody. First of all I'm glad I found this forum as it makes me feel better some people might be able to reassure me about my health and the way I feel.

Let me tell you my life story first as it might help somebody to analyze the whole situation.

So I'm 24 years old male, Have been living in the US for about 4 years. Spend the rest of my life in France where I was born. My entire family is still there. I have met the love of my life in 2008 and decided to marry her and move to her country(USA).

And for the first 3 years there was no health issues..But in june 2011 my grandfather, which I was very attached to, deceased from a pancreatic cancer. It took him in 8 days...I did not even get time to come back to France to see him one last time. He was the one who supported me through my "american dream" adventure and called me every week. I felt like I accepted his death, but two weeks after the event, i woke up one day with horrible shortness of breathe. I went to work and it was just too much...I remember taking 3 days off or so...

Well, at that time I was living in California (North Bay) and then me and my wife decided to move to Tennessee in October of 2011. And guess what...after that travel...i felt great again...To the point where I forgot about it.

Then in april 2012 I was waiting for my full time empoyment and it was very stressful.. I started to smoke one or two cigarettes a day and my bad breathing came back... And ever since it an every day struggle. I feel like I'm constantly trying to catch a deep breath and i can never do it...

And I can feel my whole stomach being super tense....My relationship with my wife has gone a little down because I'm havinf ****** days after ****** days and so my mood is horrible when I get back home. I'm lucky that she stills understand part of my problems... I used to be a very very active guy with lots of friends...Now I feel like a handicap... I have gained about 30 lbs because I do not want to start any physical activities...

And then 2 weeks ago I started to have irregular heart beats, and palpitations...

Sometimes I play a video game with some friends online and I feel just great...until I start thinking about it again...It seems like there's a pattern when I wake up in the morning: At first I feel just awesome...and then the idea of feeling anxious crosses my mind and....that starts it for the whole day....

I've already been 2 times to an emergency room and they never found anything...Even after a thorough blood analysis.

So after all the reading I have one i see GAD, anxiety attacks, panic attacks.... I hope I have one of them becasue I am constantly worrying that I might have a heart attack at any moment....Or anything else life threatening,,,,

I would greatly appreicate you guys sharing your similar experiences and maybe you have found a cure?
Or at least find some support...
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It sounds like it could be anxiety, I am sorry to hear about your loss. plus some grief that you were not able to see your grandfather one more time can be devastig and hard to deal with my Uncle passed away ad I was able to go to his fureal and i feel bad. Hopefull y the doctors realize you definatly may have anxiety because at times when i thought i was having a heart attak it was my anxety acting up.
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