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Does anyone have continuously higher blood pressure for hours with anxiety?

I’ve had anxiety all my life, but last May I had a head spell out of nowhere where my head felt a lot of pressure and it felt like I was like out of my body. It scared me because I’ve never felt this before. So I googled and of course read it could be high blood pressure and hypertensive crisis. So I went to Kroger and took my blood pressure on their machine and sure enough it was 177/80. I freaked out and retook it and it just went higher to 188/77. I rushed to the ER. I have a Mitral Valve Prolapse so the ER doctor did an ekg, chest x-ray and blood work. Everything came back normal and the Dr said it was just a panic attack. When I left the ER my bp was 119/77. After that I bought a blood pressure monitor and constantly checked my bp. I’d check it like 100x a day and it would be 110/77-145/80. One night it went to 196/80 so I rushed to the ER again and the Dr told me to quit smoking and diagnosed me with essential hypertension and sent me home. I quit smoking and stopped taking my blood pressure. Well today I started feeling weird in my head and had a headache, and head pressure. I took my anxiety medicine but it didn’t help I still felt weird in my head with a dull headache so I decided to go to Kroger and take my blood pressure. I was soooo scared and nervous, my heart was pounding and it was 169/77. I bought another bp machine and keep taking it
and it went down to 117/79 earlier but the past 2 -3 hours it’s been 145/77-155/84 when I’m sitting down resting. I can’t get it to go lower. Im freaking out I’m going to have a stroke or
heart attack because last year it would go down to 110-119 when I’d take it at home.
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In order to know this you'd have to be someone like you who constantly checks their blood pressure.  I've suffered from a bad anxiety disorder for a good portion of my life but I guess I'm just not the kind of person who links it to blood pressure.  An odd thing about BP is that perhaps the majority of people who get their blood pressure checked by a doctor test high.  I have no idea why such an easy test to take causes so much stress but it does.  If you're getting regular physicals and a problem isn't being noted by your doctor, you probably don't have a problem, because doctors are trained to overtreat this problem, and it's going to get a lot worse now that the official guidelines have lowered the numbers that indicate a problem that needs treatment.  Nobody on here can tell you if you have a blood pressure problem that needs treatment -- you've seen doctors and so far nobody's told you to go on a medication for it, but you mention going to the ER but don't mention if you get yearly physicals.  I had my BP checked once during an anxiety attack at a job where a nurse worked and it tested my usual relatively low BP, but I was a lot more athletic then than I can be now that I'm old and injured.  But something you don't mention is what you have been told you have, which is a chronic anxiety problem.  If you do have that, are you being treated for that?  Are you in therapy for it?  Do you engage in regular exercise, eat well, meditate and practice other relaxation techniques, etc.?  Because nobody here is a doctor and therefore can't tell you if you have a BP problem of the kind that needs treatment, but we can see you have an anxiety problem that needs treatment.  
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Yes, My blood pressure is very high at the time of anxiety or stress or depression.
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