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Does anyone take CBD oil with Metoprolol?

I'm unable to take SSRIs for my anxiety because they cause adverse reactions. A nurse practitioner of psychiatry recommended I look into CBD oil (Cannabidiol) to help with my anxiety. (Side note: CDB oil with no more than 0.3% of THC is legal in all 50 states). But I am reading that CBD oil may increase the concentration of metoprolol succinate er in my body because they're metabolized by the same enzyme in the liver. I only take a small dose of metoprolol (37.5mg), and I'd of course start out with a low dose of CBD (5-10mg). Of course I will ask my doctor about this when I see him, but I need to start something now. I need to calm down. Does anyone take these two meds together without any issues?
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I'm not sure this is accurate information -- I don't think this oil is legal in every state, but it is in some.  If it has any THC in it, and it does have some, it is illegal in every state by federal law, and the Sessions/Trump regime has said they are going to resume severe prosecution of this.  Don't know if they actually will, but everyone needs to know not to let the feds know.  I'm also not sure how much docs actually know about CDB.  The problem is, with it being illegal federally, there isn't much funding for research.  So while there is some, it's not the gold standard research we'd all like to see.  I hope you find your answer, but I'm thinking you might be better contacting someone who has done research on this subject -- you can find that out by Googling it and looking at the studies on PubMed and you might be able to actually contact someone somewhere who has done some work on this.  Doctors are not medication or chemistry experts, I just don't know if they actually have been taught this since as far as medical school is concerned, only patented pharmaceutical products or those that once were are taught -- they don't learn much about natural substances even when they've been radically altered, as with CDB.  Maybe you can find a doc who works a lot with medical marijuana, because what people will tell you on the web might be pro-pot propaganda, not accurate information -- this is a big political issue and while I've been for the decriminalization of pot since before most people on this site were born, when you're mixing meds you need accurate info.  Good hunting.
Actually, you're right. I think it may be a little more fuzzy than I realize. I need to investigate a bit more. And I would not even be a little bit surprised if my doc either knew nothing about it or declined to comment on it. I think your suggestion for finding someone who works with medical marijuana is a really good idea.
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I take metapropal and I take CBD oil from industrial hemp.  I have no problems with it. My Dr is aware but was curious on how where I get it. I looked at her and said it's one of my many online businesses lol.  But that being said no I am not trying to make a sale. CBD helps with many many conditions. But CBD is not a cure. It's a dietary suppliment that promotes general health and wellness along with helps with pain
CBD is not a dietary supplement.  It's a drug.  It's derived from a plant that has thousands of substances in it, and is bred artificially much like GMOs are to breed out most of the THC.  This isn't to say don't take it, in fact, it looks very promising if we can ever get some good research on it, which we can't right now because grant money comes from the federal gov't and it's illegal at the federal level.  So we have some small poor quality studies so far, but anecdotal evidence that suggests it's helping some unknown number of people.  So I'm not at all opposed to it, just saying, it is a drug, and needs to be used with the caution of that, and with the caution of knowing nobody in human history has ever used it until recently so we have no long record of its use.  Just being accurate here, not negative on it, as I'm thinking about it myself.    
Even with things such as ginsing melatonin and other all natural herbal alternatives one should always consult with ones personal Dr before starting anything
That would be nice and should be true, but most doctors know absolutely nothing about natural medicine and don't want to know because in medical school they are taught that this is bad -- what they don't know is their textbooks and professors are being paid to tell them that by pharmaceutical companies that don't want any competition.  Some physicians do learn this stuff after getting out of school and practice what is called integrated medicine, but these are a tiny percentage of practicing physicians and they almost never take insurance of any kind so they can be expensive to see.  This hostility between forms of medicine has been going on a long long time, and as with all economic wars, it's going to be very hard to fix.  So for now, most of us are going to have to do our natural medicine with those who know about that and our allopathic medicine with those who know about that, and seldom do the twain meet.  By the way, melatonin is actually a pharmaceutical product -- many "natural" remedies are made in pharmaceutical labs and were isolated in order to create medications but natural substances can't be patented.  That reduces severely the amount of funding available for research.  When I mention natural things to the doctors I've had over the years, they are indifferent because they are uncomfortable around things they didn't study.  They won't know proper dosages or the best companies that manufacture them to be safe and get what you're looking for, etc.  
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