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Does long-term anxiety cause chest symptoms?

I'm 17, female, regular BMI and all that stuff. I've been suffering from OCD and health anxiety for almost a year now. A few weeks ago I experienced a tightness in my chest which I was convinced was a heart attack, but my parents were sure that it wasn't. It lasted a few days. I told my doctor about it but she didn't seem too concerned. I now experience arm pain (in both arms, often at separate times) which can sometimes travel to my neck and shoulders. I also have heart palpitations that last only a second or two every few days. I don't know if these symptoms are normal and I'm just hypersensitive to my body, they are just anxiety symptoms, or there is something wrong. Has anyone else felt like this?
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Hi there ive been diagnosed with health anxiety also it started in october 2015 first panic attack never had i experienced one and from there on ive had chest tightness, Muscle cramps and spasms, in the arms and hands go numb my face also goes numb and headaches that feel like u have migraine its the symptoms that trick u into thjnking its a heart attack or stroke thats what messes with your brain currently im only on one med wich is buspirone and the amount om taking is 10mg every night when they started me on that med the first 8 weeks i felt lots of thise symptoms now 4 months later i just get spasm and headaches every once in a while chest pains that come and go but yeah still anxious just not as when i started in ocotber
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Who diagnosed you with OCD?  A trained psychotherapist, or your regular doc?  You want to get into therapy so you can work on your thinking, one who specializes in anxiety treatment so you can get a correct diagnosis.  As for the heart stuff, it's impossible to truly know if you have a heart problem, but at your age, it's so unlikely, and the symptoms you describe don't sound like a heart attack.  If you're that concerned, your doctor can perform tests, but your more important and likely concern is your anxiety.    
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