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Does western medicine work for anxiety and depression?

I have been advised to take antidepresants, and am wondering if you think this is a good idea? In your experience do they work, are they affective, or do you think they make your situation worse? I have this same question for anti-anxiety meds? The more oppinions the better!
Thank you!  
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I can tell you that everyone is different and we all react differently to medications.  Also, there is much success with the medications.  It has given people the ability to live a happy, successful life, where they could not even function before taking medications.  He has given people paralyzed with fear, the freedom to live a productive life. On the forums we hear mostly the bad stories, but there are millions who have good results and are  much happier, productive people due to the medications.  Others have had problems, the only way for you to truly know is to follow your doctor and try what he suggests.
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While getting others' opinions is certainly helpful to some degree, like mammo said, everyone is different, so try not to take what any one person says too seriously, as YOUR experience may differ from theirs.  Making the decision to take medication is a personal one, and should be made after weighing all of the options.  A lot of people have had great success (me included) with anti-depressant medications, while others have done well with either no meds, or a more natural approach.  Therapy is always adviseable, whether or not you choose medications to help your anxiety.  Therapy teaches you the tools needed to help battle anxiety, and can also help get to any deeply rooted issues that may be either causing, or exacerbating the anxiety.

Just remember if you decide to try a medication, you MUST give it ample time to really work (4-8 weeks).  Also, anti-depressant meds tend to have some initial unpleasant side effects, which makes it difficult for some people to "stick it out", people often throw the towel in before giving the side effects a chance to resolve, and allowing the med to work.  It takes patience and perserverence to treat anxiety, especially with medications.

Good luck, let us know what you decide and how you're doing!
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did you ever get rid of your sphenoid sinus headache?  I've posted you a couple of other questions on the ent forum and this one.  Let me know please?
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Well it works for me.  I find I cannot live a normal life without taking anti-depressant medication.  Effexor which I am on has got rid of very bad depression and anxiety.

We are all different.  It is a personal choice.  I agree with the above. it took me 8 weeks to feel any improvement, but it is so worth it.

Good luck.  Hope you make the decision that is right for you.
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Please check your PM's, I responded to you!  Thanks!
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Hey, thank you, and sorry not to respond right off-- I did get your message and was going to respond, but I thought I would wait for other responses. I guess I can do both from now on.

I appreciated your feedback very much though!  Yeah, I am still not sure if I would take western Meds. I am doing talk therapy though! Thank you for the advise and information, it is very helpful.
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Hey, thank you very much for your response!
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Thanks for sharing!!

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No problem, glad to be of help.  My message above was actually directed to another member, (mcderma) who was trying to get my attention about another issue, I was replying to her that I had Pm'ed her (sent her a private message).  You can see her post to me before my reply to her,.  Sorry if I confused you into thinking you somehow didn't acknowledge the replies you received!  Not the case!  :0)

Take Care!
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