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Dpersonalization Question..


I havnt posted here in a while and i have asked alot of questions on here =S lol. and all answars have been greatly appreciated and acknowlegded and ive taken on all the advice and information I have recieved, my anxiety is improving alot =) thank you to those who have responded to me and offered support, I dont feel i can talk about this to anyone and I dont in reality, so i'm grateful for the support of this site and the people on it <3

I have one question if anybody expiriances the same thing or might know why this could be..

My anxiety has lessened and the detachment feeling has improved in the last couple months, but i have noticed that every time i see and talk to my doctor or therapist, the symptoms become much for intense. I don't think im feeling anxious when im there, but when i start to talk when they are asking me questions my vision gets worse again and when i speak i feel like i dont know what im saying and wither i cant hear myself or my voice sounds weird like its not min e (all that DP stuff). I'm just wondering why this is and if anybody else is the same?

I went to the doctors for the first time in 3 months today (since all of this started) and it was weird, it felt like i was back at square one.And i havnt seen my therapist in a while but everytime i would see her the feelings of all this stuff were really intense i sometimes felt like i was on the edge of a panic attack, and i have only had one legit panic attack in the past few months.

Could it be something as simple as the lighting in the room (as sometimes flurescent lights enhance the feelings) or might it be the situation?

if anybody has any advice or input it would be great as im a little confused. like i said i dont really talk about this to anyone and of course its a difficult thing to explain to family and ppl around me!

Thanks so much

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Hey thanks for that i i might bring it up next time im there, its strange because docs never use to make me anxious, it might be a combination of both those things hmm.. Thanks for your reply :) xx
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Yes, it could be the lights. I know I'm very sensitive to florescence lighting. It actually makes me sick, light headed and I just feel weird. There are some stores I can't even go in to because of this.
It could be the fear of seeing your Drs too. Even though you know them it can be scary. I had the same family Dr for 22 years and we were like friends. My BP was always higher when I went to see him. I felt anxious many times I saw him too. I would always let him know when I was feeling anxious and we would talk about it, which made me feel better.
Tell your Drs how you're feeling at the time. Try to talk about it and they should be able to help you with this.
I'm glad to hear you're doing better lately.  
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