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Drug screen irons test questions with meds

Hi, I’m currently taking Abilify, Prozac and Clonidine and I got offered a great job, I have to do a drug test, will any of these medications make me fail? It’s a urine test at arc point labs. I’m assuming no but I want to make sure.
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Just tell them what you are on, this way, if anything should show up, they will know and won't think you are trying to hide anything. I did a Google search, Prozac is not included in the routine urine test, as to the others, there is a possibility of false positives, so again, be sure to tell the tester what you are taking. Good luck on getting the job.
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I'm having a hard time saying what I want to say here because this is an anxiety forum and I don't want to cause any anxiety.  But I'm not sure I agree with the above about volunteering private medical info with any0ne, you never know what they're actually like.  Let your performance be the judge of your performance.  Given that urine tests aren't the best vehicle for finding these particular meds -- blood tests are -- I'd wait and see if anything shows up.  You're not hiding anything, as you're treating a medical condition that, if it doesn't affect your performance, they have no right to know about.  That's how I see it, anyway, I'd be curious to see how others respond.
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