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EXTREME OCD my 6 year old don't know where to turn next PLEASE HELP ME!

I am at a loss and very distraught right now! After 1 and a half years of researching, natural pathic doctors, natural pathic pills, torque release from the Chiropractor, meditation, light therapy, yoga, home schooling, MD's, psychiatrists, nations best cognitive behavioral therapist, psychologists, baptism, praying, you name it-I have done it for my little girl including an all natural diet!!!! NOTHING IS WORKING SHE IS GETTING WORSE AND WORSE. SHE IS NOW 6 years old, her hands are always cracked and bleeding (even vaseline burns her hands, she will not walk in a room, got to the bathroom, EAT (losing lots and lots of weight and very skinny), touch anything, etc. I could go on and on. I am desperate here and very worried. She is just now coming off of Zolof as her pupils dialated fully & this and the Prozac made her extremely hyper, crying, writing on walls (normally would not touch a marker or crayon), EVERYTHING HAS GERMS TO HER. The psychiatrist says she will not prescribe her any more antidepressants because of her reaction to the Zoloft and the Prozac. These are the only 2 antidepressants she has tried. She has been diagnosed with EXTREME OCD. This all started her 1st day of Kindergarten (she was then 4 years old). PLEASE HELP I AM VERY VERY WORRIED ABOUT HER. SHE HARDLY EATS AS FOOD HAS GERMS ALSO. ISN'T THERE SOME SORT OF MEDICINE OUT THERE THAT MAY HELP HER. We are losing our home now because I have exhausted every possibility I can think of. The problem is; when we do find a place to move I know this will really throw her for a loop as she HATES CHANGE! IS ANYONE OUT THERE THAT HAS HAD THIS EXPERIENCE WITH A YOUNG CHILD. PLEASE PLEASE RESPOND AND HELP ME!
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Oh honey I dont know how there is anything left for you do to.Have you checcked into the hospital?I know that sounds drastic but she does need meds probably and she needs therapy desperatly.
Can you pinpoint anything that might have started her with this germ thing.(and I do understand about the germs becasue I have been there with the germ thing and I still relapse now and then)
Now there are other antidepressants but I would maybe go for the depakote as they say ocd is like having seisures and that is why the depakote works best for this ocd. you and your daughter are in my prayers Keep me posted on her progresss.Prayer can work miracles.
Love Venora
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Thank you so much for the reply! We even had her baptized and have 2 different churches praying for her along with us of course. I will keep trying to contact psychiatrists. All the doctors keep telling me that they will not know what to do with her at the hospital. There were many evenings that I wanted to take her there because I was at such a loss. All I do is rock and rock her and tell her it will be ok and that we will fix this. She says that doesn't help and it doesn't; but it is the only thing I have left.

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sorry Venrona wasnt meant for you
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To kyleain, had you actually had OCD as severe as you say, you would know there is no common sense in the disease.  You don't have to be taught something to fear it with this disease.

Verona, I truly empathize with you (having dealt with it myself).  I am starting to see anxiety in my 8 year old which has me terrified.  I, myself am in no means cured, however I have come to a manageable place with it.  

Take this for what it's worth as we all know different things work for different people.  I started with the germ thing in my teens.  For me, that ran me into my twenties when I really started to try and confront it.  What I found was that it was stemming from my fear of death.  Once I confronted that and dealt with it, my germ paranoia started to dissipate. But here's the catch - the anxiety (being the demon that it is) will try to manifest it some other way with some other concern.  The trick here is to recognize that feeling and squash in its beginning stages before it snowballs.  But how to teach that to a 6 year old.  The only thing I can say for sure is, when she does make strides, don't ever let her let her guard down.  I have come to accept this is a lifelong curse, but with the proper precautions it is manageable.  I wish you all the best.

There is a good book which I once read that might be worth reading for you.  "The boy who couldn't stop washing."  Not sure of the author, but I will look it up if you need it.
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please read up on olive leaf extract. It sounds like this would work for her.
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After reading your letter over again, I think I would feed her only natural  raw organic foods, several heaping tablespoons of brewers yeast in juice several times a day which would help to calm her nerves plus a sublingal B-12. Try this for at least a month. Forget the Olive Leaf  Extract. Sprinkle some Natural Calm magnesium powder in with the drink plus calcium.
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