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I'm getting so tired of getting annoyed at my own self >:(

I woke up this morning and wanted to do a simple little workout to start out the day. I had some breakfast - two pieces of cinnamon sugar toast, some vanilla yogurt and some crystal light. I decided to do a LITTLE TINY workout since I'm still starting with the exercise thing.... so LITERALLY all I did was 20 situps. And I got a TINY little bit of a headrush. And even though that's all it was... all I could think of from then on was how the last time I got SUPER DIZZY and almost passed out was the day that I tried to do a big workout and only ate toast for breakfast. And I realized that toast isn't a very good thing to eat before doing a workout cuz it has like nothing you need for that in there or whatever... but anyway, I just layed there for the longest time and tried to reason with myself like ok, it was just headrush, if you're that worried just do a workout at night instead, you're only scared of the toast thing because of what happned the last time....but then I started thinking forever like... well what if I didn't eat enough today? I've been awake since like 7am and it's 12:30pm now, so it would make sense to eat a meal..but im not really hungry..but what if I'm not hungry cuz im too busy panicking..so I really am hungry..but i dont wanna overeat, i shouldn't eat if im not hungry..but maybe then i wouldn't be dizzy..yeah i should probably go eat something.. just UGH!!!!!! I'M SO INCREDIBLY AGGRAVATED AT MYSELF! WHY CANT I JUST SIMPLY GO "hmmm.. I'll eat some lunch." that simple. and what's even more aggravating is when you try to talk to your friends and the most they can do for you is "gee, that sux, I dont know what to tell you... you'll be fine stop panicking." like I never thought of doing that before, gee thnx for the advice... just so incredibly aggravated and annoyed... *sigh* ok I'm done complaining now :(
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It is so funny that you posted that because I am so PISSED at myself today, too.  I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired of this anxiety!!!!  I had to walk the dog on my lunch hour today, which I do two days a week.  I have been doing this for 3 years now...walking the dog at lunch....WHY MUST I GET ANXIETY EVERY SINGLE TIME??????  I walk her in a nice quiet park and have plenty of time to get back to work, but every time it is the same thing.  UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
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yes EXACTLY, like when does this ever end??!! any day now... lol
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aww I know how that goes...when you understand that logically you'll be fine, but you just can't seem to convince your inner self or something.  for example swallowing pills for me (can't do it).  I've done it before in the past, so I know my throat is not structured unusually, and I know chances of me choking and dying are like...none, but just telling myself all that does NOT do the trick.  I just CAN'T do it.  so believe me we all know how you feel :(  hang in there.
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Hello! I know...I've been annoyed with myself as well. It sounds corny, but I think the best way to overcome frequent anxiety is to constantly remind yourself that you are in control, not your mind. Whenever I feel anxious, I always tell myself over and over that it's all in my head and I'm not going crazy. Usually I'll feel better in just a few minutes.

You sound like you're on a good track though. Toast should be fine in the morning, but remember to drink ALOT of water throughout the day. ALSO, even if you're not hungry, eat something anyway! You're supposed to have 5-6 meals per day, not just 3 big ones. This way, you'll keep your metabolism up, burn some calories, and increase your serotonin levels.

hope this helps,
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i kind of been annoyed wiht ym self like lately i been very worry bout hiv and im getting tested soon but im kind of scared  like im postive i dont have it but then agina im not
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