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Eating Disorder Help...?

I've had an eating disorder for about 5 years. Almost 3 years ago I went inpatient for help. Now I'm within 2 lbs of when I was admitted the first time and I don't know how to ask for help or if I even should ask for help. Asking for help would mean I would have to skip this semester of college and I really don't wanna do that. But if I don't ask for help I'm not sure I'd stay medically stable through May and then I might have to medically withdraw due to Anorexia. I'm so torn through all this. And on top of that, people think I've been doing well so I know I'd be letting them down too. Please help!
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You do need help, but does it have to be inpatient?  Have you tried with an outpatient therapist?  My guess is you have, but then you'd be able to continue with your education.  But at some point you need someone who can help you help yourself -- and I know that's a whole lot easier said than done -- so you can learn some tools to at least control this unhealthy part of your life on your own.  As for the insecurity and anxiety itself, well, I wish I knew how to do that, but I think this one behavior you can learn to control.  Good luck.
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Hi there.  I'm really sorry you are battling this.  As this is a 'relapse', I think you have to do whatever necessary to recover.  This is your life and I'm not being dramatic.  I'm not sure if you have anorexia, bulimia, etc. but it is essential to begin taking steps to get back on track.  The first step is letting your parents know.  If you are anorexic and your eating disorder has resulted in extreme malnutrition, this is a time in which you are hospitalized.  

In treatment programs are excellent but I would start by talking to your parents.  See what your options are.  Typically it is a team approach to therapy.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a psychologist is excellent and they often do full family therapy.  Working with medical professionals and dieticians are typically also part of the 'team'.  The specifics will depend on what particular eating disorder you have.

If you are severely underweight, they will try to normalize your weight.  This can be hard when you fight this emotionally.  Psychiatrists and psychologists CAN help.  You know this since you've been through it before.  Now that you have relapsed, they'll try to work on what is triggering this which is really important.  This battle will be a lifetime for you hon.  But it is worth fighting.  Your life is worth fighting for.

So, perhaps it will be determined that you need inpatient care.  But perhaps not.  Your needing help will not come as a surprise to anyone as eating disorders that involved very low weight are impossible to hide.  

So, please do not be afraid to ask for this help.  We're here to help and encourage if we can.  Stay in touch.  best of luck
Thank you. I'm going somewhere to be evaluated today
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Oh, I'm really happy to hear you are going to be evaluated.  That is the best thing hon.  And always remember, EVERYONE has something they are working on.  You are not alone and you'll overcome this with effort and motivation.  I can tell you are a bit frightened but just keep reaching out and taking steps to recover.  Wishing you the very best and stay in touch.  
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