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Eating anxiety

Almost 2 years, I'm experiencing anxiety when eating with FRIENDS only. if i eat with them, especially in a restaurant/place i never go to, i will feel anxiety about eating there and ended up can't eat anything even im HUNGRY. It feels like it's hard to swallow when i force myself to eat. but if im eating with my family, i'm feeling fine. This is really bothering me because if i want to go out with friends or traveling to other cities with friends, but i cannot help but thinking about eating and ended up can't eat again! Can anyone help me to get over this anxiety? I might got this anxiety because i've been friendless when i'm a child and now i'm having friends but i'm afraid to be weird in front of them, and it affected my eating and making me anxiety whenever i have to eat with my friends.
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Hi there.  I'm sorry to hear this.  You know, do you have any besties you totally trust or a sister or someone like that in which you can confide this to?  Then I'd try to overcome this by exposure.  Many psychologists will use exposure therapy to help someone conquer a trigger for their anxiety.  If you had a SAFE person that knew how you felt and you took baby steps, picking less intimidating new places and talking you through it and helping you, that might help.  Looking at the menu online before hand might help so ordering is less anxious.  And doing it more and more may help you overcome this.  Is anxiety infiltrating other areas of your life?  If so, then please seek help with a psychologist or counselor to make sure you have as full of a life as you could.  good luck
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