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Effexor & Pregnancy

I am currently taking Effexor 75mg for anxiety.  I spoke to my doctor about weaning off the medication before becoming pregnant and he insisted that I continue to take the medication until I actually become pregnant.  Then, he said he will put me on Zoloft at that time.  I'm not comfortable with having any kind of medications in my system that may harm my unborn child.  Any suggestions or advice from anyone who is familiar with this topic would be greatly appreciated.
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Is this your general practitioner or your OB?  In my opinion, I believe you should have a frank discussion with your OB to weigh the risks vs. benefits of this.  If you do not want to be on meds during this I think that that he/she should honor your wishes unless there is an underlying cause not to.  I am not a doctor though, so it would be between you and the OB...keep us posted!
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