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Effexor VS Cymbalta

Hey all,

Went to the Dr. today and she suggested I try Cymbalta.  I am currently on 30 mg of Buspar and I also have Ativan when needed.  She thought that adding Cymbalta would help with my GAD.  I have taken Effexor in the past and hated it.  Has anyone taken Cymbalta and were there side effects?  Posative effects?  I am looking at a months worth of free samples and am a bit weary of taking them.  She did say the side effects were quite minimal.  

thanks guys
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i used to take effexor too, i hated it also. i have been on cymbolta 2 yrs now, and latley i have been hateing it. when i take it, i stay tired and zombie like, also really ill at everyone. in the begining it was great. but everyone is different. now i used to take lexapro too. it was great i stopped taking it because i felt great, i thought i was over depression and anxiety. and after a while i fell apart again and started cymbolta. i am thinking about going to the doc to go back on lexapro. just my opinion.. good luck--kalie
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